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The term web 2.0 can be defined as a second generation of the World Wide Web, which is associated with individuals sharing information online. This means transformation of HTML pages to pages that are more adaptable to change, and are in a more systematic or orderly manner with the main aim of serving web applications to users. However, it has other qualities such as open interaction which is organized in web-based communities, for example, social networking sites. It also enhances participation of users where they are able provide data also have the ability to control the data.

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Web 2.0 tools include weblogs, video casting, social bookmarking, Wordpress, MySpace, YouTube, Social networking, twitter, Flickr, podcasts, and sites where individuals can share pictures. They all have a common advantage and this is the fact that most of them are free in terms of access by individual users. The fact that many people have already experienced using these tools and have a general idea of their functioning is also an advantage as it will save on time that would be used to educate people. Nevertheless they are also easy to understand despite them being used for the first time as the give clear instructions on how to use them.

A new service that can be offered using web 2.0 tools might be one in which individuals not only do shopping from their residents, but also at very affordable rates and are able to weigh and select those items from their places of residence. Including an adviser who would effectively inform clients on the quality of different products may also be a possibility. This can be done easily using the web 2.0 tools since research shows that a significant numbers of families are able to access the internet from their homes. 

Since web 2.0 tools have the quality of sharing images and videos, this service may involve pictures or animation of products available just as they appear in the supermarket or hypermarket where customers will still experience the sensation of being in a supermarket or hypermarket. The aspect of imagery means consumers will be able to see the products they may have forgotten to buy. 

This service will save the consumers the labor of queuing in hypermarkets and will greatly improve the relations between employees and customers. This is contrary to the supermarkets where employees deal with consumers hurriedly to avoid queues. With this service, consumers will be addressed efficiently as a result of reduced costs of communication as opposed to mobile phones. This is enhanced by the social characteristics the web 2.0 tools have.The sociability characteristic of web 2.0 tools will also create a platform where consumers can chat among themselves on the products they have experienced before, this may help in knowing more about a product, for example how long it may last and ways of maintaining it without necessarily purchasing it.

This service may be considered successful when the products ordered are delivered on time, within budget, and in a high level of quality where products are not damaged on delivery. Its success can also be gauged on whether the priorities and targets of the service have been achieved, for example, the area they had planned to stretch the services in a year.

The success of this service may only be attained when most of the consumers have a common understanding of what the service entails, with this the may give relevant comments about the service when asked to. Therefore the success of the service may be gauged by feedback from the consumers who have received the service. This may be by giving the consumers a chance to express their views through comments. It might be considered successful when a high percentage of the consumers are comfortable with the services rendered.

The service may also be considered successful when it comes in affordable rates and at the same time meets the profits expected by the individuals providing the service. In this way, consumers enjoy the service, while the owners receive enough revenue to support the service, for example, in terms of paying off the staff employed to provide the service.The success of the service can also be gauged by its security level. This is whether the items bought will be delivered to the consumer safely.

Some key technologies necessary for this service to function are Asynchronous JavaScript, XML (Ajax), Adobe Flash and the Adobe Flex framework. JavaScript/Ajax frameworks such us Dojo Toolkit, Moo Tools, Ul Library, Yahoo and jQueryare also necessary for the effective function of this service. Where Ajax has a main function of uploading and downloading new data from the web server without necessarily having to reload the whole page again. It does this with the help of JavaScript.

Adobe flex simplifies or makes it possible for programmers to populate large grids of data, charts, and heavy user interactions, as it is capable of doing a lot that HTML 5 may be unable, although it's most utilized capability is that of playing audios and videos. Lately, Flash and Ajax have become popular methods of creating Web 2.0. Other technologies that may be used in the effectiveness of the service are Ruby, ColdFusion, Perl, python, JSP and ASP which are used to output data using information from files and databases.

In conclusion, in order to share data with different sites, the web site should be capable of generating output in machine-readable formats such RSS, XML and JSON since when in one of these format, another website can use it to integrate a part of that site's functionality to itself and hence the two sites being linked together. The most important technology necessary is Ajax as it provides a riche user experience and has the potential of working with a wide range of browsers, for example, Firefox Operamini or Internet Explorer. This product may help in today society as it reduces the time spent in shopping and reduce the large number of individuals in hypermarkets. This may result to reduced traffic jams and hence more time spent in meaningful activities.


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