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Websites targeting children under the age of thirteen are always designed in such away so as to attract the children's interest. They come with highly fascinating features that are easy to navigate through to the desired location. This article will analyze three such websites.

There are many kids' websites ranging from those of food, entertainment to educational ones. For instance Nordic advertises various types of candies to kids. The websites has no clear privacy policy. It claims to be using the Yahoo private policy. Despite the assurance that the user's privacy is guaranteed, this is not enough security. It leaves doubts to children using and their parents. It starts of with a welcoming greeting, the choice of words are carefully picked to catch the interest of any kid. It says, "Here at Nordic we keep things simple." That, their motto is to deliver affordable candy, a statement aimed at getting the undecided.

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Its Your is an online games website. It also uses a very persuasive language that starts of by asking whether the use has a user aid and then prompts him or her to freely sign in. that its is simple, runs faster on any browser and many other good things. It provides a range of games for any one to choose from. It has a privacy policy that requires users to supply their emails and assures them of their confidentiality. It requires parents consent to carry out any exchanges with their kid. This at least assures them of their kids' online security. They are allowed to intervene whenever a concern arises. is not different the others. It private policy states that it's free and does not require registration. That anyone can play but only those with permission from parents can register to access some sites. Apart from, these websites allow parents control over what their kids get online in line with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act. They safeguard the user's information's security, confidentiality, and integrity.


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