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Windows 7 has received praises from various quarters since it debuted. Criticism of the operating system is limited. Both adopters and testers of the operating system have applauded task execution speed and responsiveness of Windows 7. On the contrary, various parties subjected Windows XP to criticism as soon as it hit the shelves. This was because it was much slower than its predecessors were. Therefore, improved performance of Windows 7 makes it a better operating system than Windows XP.

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Windows 7 has several notable changes from Windows XP. Windows XP has an entirely different user interface (UI). Windows 7 integrates the quick launch bar with the task bar. Window 7’s task bar acts like a personal toolbar enabling easy access of programs that one frequently uses. It enables placing of the programs on the task by simply right clicking on the program and selecting ‘pin to taskbar.’ In addition, one can easily rearrange the icons on the taskbar to fit personal preference. The icons in the task bar are live icons. One simply places the cursor on the icons, and it shows applications or folders in the icon. Windows XP does not have this feature. To access various programs, one has to click the “start” button for the program to open. In essence, one has to use two clicks to open a program. However, using Windows 7, one only uses a single click to open a program if the program is pinned on the tool bar. This makes Windows 7 much easier to use than Windows XP and have a high level of responsiveness.

Both Windows 7 and Windows XP have a search option when user clicks on the start button. However, Windows 7 has a search option that is much more improved than for Windows XP. In Windows 7, it is easier to search anything in the computer. When one starts to type in the search box, relevant suggestions appear for an individual to choose. In addition, there is a grouping of results into various categories making it easy to choose the correct file. One can filter the results according to the file type, date, author, or other categories. Windows XP also has the search box. However, the search box of Windows XP is different from that of Windows 7. One has to complete typing in the search box and press search before any results appear. In addition, Windows XP may prompt an individual to select the file location or drive where the computer should search for the file or folder. This cumbersome method of searching for files or folders makes Windows XP less sophisticated software that doesn’t provide with desired results in some instances.

Windows XP and Windows 7 enable users’ work with multiple windows opened. If one opens more than one program, a window appears for each of the programs. However, the distinct difference between Windows 7 and Windows XP is the fact that in Windows 7 there is no need of clicking the resize button. One simply drags the window to a certain location, and it resizes automatically. In Windows 7, the window resizes without cropping any part of the window if one drags the window to the extreme left or right of the screen. On the contrary, in Windows XP users should press the resize button to resize a window. In addition, if one drags the window to the extreme left or right of the screen, the window does not resize. It crops some part of the window instead. However, resizing a window in Windows 7 may inconvenience the user of the operating system. This is because any particular user may want to crop some parts of the window to facilitate viewing of other windows opened at the same time. This is one of the few limitations to the operating system.

In conclusion, Windows 7 has several features that make it superior to Windows XP. Windows 7 personalized tool bar makes accessing programs, which are frequently used, much easier than Windows XP. In addition, the search box of the Windows 7 operating system makes searching files and folders in the computer using easier. The ability of the operating system to work with multiple Windows makes Windows 7 a better operating system than Windows XP.


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