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The basic usage of phones is to aid in communication, in an organizational environment, phones can be used to facilitate business transactions such as checking the stock market through the phone web, payment of organizational bills, and etc. To increase sufficiency of phones in the business world increased technology has been adopted, because of the need of communication and need to organize ones business there has been an introduction of the hybrid PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) that function as a mobile phone, helps in organizing both at personal and business level, an e-mail retrieval device and etc this device is efficient in terms load since it is lighter compared to carrying two separate devices; a phone and a PDA.

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The Samsung, Apple and Nokia Companies are the world's leading phones manufactures having there product distributed in over four continents world wide, even though the Blackberry is not the leading phone manufacture it specializes on smart phones that are business targeted; research by the Top mobile phones)

The Apple touch 4-G is the latest phone model the Apple corp. has in the market due to its stylish design it has recorded a large sale, this device was announced in June 2010 it weighs a minimum of 137g with both 2-g and 3-g network connectivity. It has a 3.2in fully touch screen led screen which is scratch resistant. It has inbuilt data storage of 16/32 GB with 512mb RAM depending on preference which is functioned with wireless connectivity, Bluetooth, v2.0 USB connection and GPRS. It is equipped with 5MP camera and operates on an iOS 4 operating system. In comparison with the Nokia N8 which is lighter weighing an average of 135g with an external memory card slot running an a symbian*3 OS that is java enabled the Apple 4 is relatively more expensive than its counter part  Nokia N8. The Apple 4 has been headlined in resent news as loosing network coverage hence it's not the best smart phone in the market. (.web)

'The Samsung corp. introduced the Samsung i900o galaxy S this phone has a fully touch screen android screen hence it portray a clear and brighter image on the screen, of the both Apple 4 and the Nokia N8, it is equipped with an inbuilt radio that one can use to listen to breaking news etc it is notable cheaper of the two, the Samsung galaxy falls shorthand in matching the iphone and the N8. Due to the significant cost of the discussed phone models the study of the blackberry 4G playbook HSPA+ is notable. The phone is functioned with 2G & 3G connectivity though it is heavier of the N8, iphone and the galaxy the Blackberry model is fully QWERTY, it is equipped with WLAN, Bluetooth, Edge and GPRS with a 5 MP camera. The set back of this phone being that it only comes in a black shade with no GPS coverage. It has a longer battery life time i.e. a standard battery, Li- Po 5300mAh with a longer talk time hour of the iphone and the N8 (.web)

The incorporation of the mobile phone in organization is essential since it aids in data retrieval and sending. With the use of a hybrid PDA the organization benefits from ease in accessing the data used in daily operation of the organization be it at personal, business, or organizational level. The blackberry is the best phone to purchase for the organization, it is cheaper easy to use and with a stylish finish though it falls short in application it is equipped with online updating, thus the phone is on constant update integrating new technologies as time goes by. Its long lived battery that can with stand up to 72hrs talk time comes in handy because there is need of constant use of the phone taking break to charge the phone could incur losses to the business and inconvenience to the clientele who are to be constant contact with there business and organizations.


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