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Example essays, term, research or thesis papers enable you, the student, to see how your work should be presented by showing you what a paper that has achieved a good grade looks like.
A custom writing service will offer papers as examples only, they must not be submitted as another person’s work.
So, how is it useful to see example papers?

Firstly, by seeing a paper that has or would achieve a good grade, you can follow the same sort of pattern for your own paper.
You would take note of how the paper is set out, what points it makes and what sources have been quoted.
While you read, take a critical point of view and ask yourself what you would change about the paper.

Many papers put forward some new thoughts on many subjects, often challenging what has long been accepted in academic circles, and this always gives any paper the edge when it comes to grading.

The paper should also fire your enthusiasm for the subject or answer questions for the reader.
Maybe it can even put forward such a convincing argument that the reader changes his/her own opinion on a given topic.

A sample paper should also demonstrate that if a question is raised in the text, it’s also answered by the end of the piece.
It should further show the reader how to put points across coherently and in a focused manner.

One of the main features should be the use of evidence and sources used to support your argument in any subject.
They should be convincing and up-to date and the best sources to put your point across.

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Similarly, example thesis must also convey a suitably academic tone.
Use good grammar and English and avoid any form of ‘slang’.
You must use unbiased language and not be aggressive in putting a point across.
A good example paper will be one that has all these elements combined, and that is how you should endeavor to write your own paper.