Exciting Facts about Catch Me If You Can Movie

Steven Spielberg created many interesting, catching and exciting movies during his career. Catch Me If You Can truly deserves to be called one of the best of his works. It is a story about a man who pretends to be not who he really is. Being a con artist, the main character manages to make everyone believe that he is a lawyer, doctor and even pilot. It may not sound that exciting to be worth watching at first but considering that he also manages to steal $2 million makes the film more appealing. It is also worth mentioning that the film is a first and, actually, the last time when Spielberg worked with Leonardo DiCaprio. What was the result? Lots of fans all over the world, one of the highest scores in Rotten Tomatoes nomination and $352 million of world box office. Regardless of the fact whether you liked the film or not, we bet it will be interesting for you to find out the following facts about the movie!


Find More Frank Abagnale Facts: for the Fans of the Movie Catch Me If You Can

There are interesting Frank Abagnale facts which make the film Catch Me If You Can even more thrilling and loved.

  1. Cheeseburger

Everybody remembers a kiss between Amy Adams and Leonardo Di Caprio. Steven Spielberg tried to make the moment special and advised the actress to pretend that she had a tasty cheeseburger when she was extremely hungry. 

  1. Wet Roads

One of the interesting Frank Abagnale facts is that each road in the movie shots is wet. It is a weird fact as it is so even in the scenes with perfect sunny weather. Why has it happened? The reason is simple – the appearance of wet roads is more impressive.

  1. Leonardo DiCaprio

The prototype of the main character was not of good opinion of Leonardo DiCaprio, but he changed his mind after he watched the movie.

  1. Flight Attendants

The names of all recruited flight attendants are the real names of the actresses.

  1. Improvisation of Christopher Walken

It made Leo believe in the actor’s heart attack and breakdown after the emotional scene.

  1. There is a reference to the working relations between Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks.

It is one of the Frank Abagnale facts that there is a note left by the Hanks' character on a chalkboard, which says “Tom and Steven's fourth project.” It was actually the fourth film of this director and this actor together.