Father’s Day Observances in the US

Every third Sunday of June is crowned with a special day for all the men in the United States – Father’s Day. It is an occasion to celebrate the contribution that American fathers have made for their kids. Some people claim that holiday originates from a memorial service that was held because of the deaths of a large group of men caused by a mining accident in 1907.

What do people typically do on this day?

Father’s Day is a special occasion to mark and thank your father for his contribution to your life. Traditionally, fathers receive cards or gifts on this day. Common gifts on Father's Day include tools for household maintenance, outdoor cooking supplies, sports items, or electronic gadgets.

Since Father’s Day is a comparatively new holiday, different families share various traditions. Some people simply limit themselves to a phone call or a greeting card, while others throw parties in order to honor their fathers. In some days and weeks before the holiday, many schools help their students to make cards and small gifts for their beloved daddies. Handmade presents are the most cherished ones, aren’t they?

Father’s Day in the society

Similarly to Mother’s Day, Father’s Day is not a federal holiday in the United States. Thus, businesses, organizations, schools, and stores remain open. Public transport runs to its typical Sunday schedule. The only places that might be busier on Father’s Day are restaurants since many fathers are taken out for a treat.

Background of Father’s Day

What events have actually inspired the idea of celebrating Father’s Day? One of these was the celebration of Mother’s Day that has started at the beginning of the 20th century. Another event that might have taken up Father’s Day has sorrowful origins. There was a mining accident in one of the states in the US that took lives of a lot of men. Therefore, a memorial service was held in 1908 in order to pay respects to those men, many of whom were fathers.

Sonora Smart Dodd was a woman who influenced the establishment of Father's Day. After the death of her mother, she was raised by her father along with five siblings. This was not common at that time, as many men who lost their wives quickly married again or placed their children in the care of grandparents, aunts, or other relatives. Sonora Smart Dodd deeply appreciated her father’s care. She believed that he truly deserved recognition for everything he had done. So, she did her best to organize the celebration of Father’s Day in 1910. As a holiday, Father’s Day was recognized only in 1972 by the current president – Richard Nixon.

Regardless of the origins, background, and common traditions of Father’s Day, thank your own father for all his love, support, and care on the occasion.