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Food from Different Countries

A defining feature of every culture is national food. Local dishes are part of daily diet of inhabitants. What is more, a traditional meal is something tourists could not pass by. We’ve prepared a summary of incredible ideas for travelers.

Most delicious dishes

Hamburgers, U.S.

The background of the hamburger is a very controversial question. Nobody knows who and when first made it, but millions of people choose it as an essential part of their everyday menu. There is a wide range of fillings and supplements, which differ from region to region. However, there is a possibility to try the earliest and most original recipe of the well-known course. One of the greatest places for visitors to come to is Louis’ Lunch in New Haven, Connecticut. We can proudly call this stand the homeland of hamburger as it has been served in Louis’ Lunch for more than 100 years.

Ackee and Saltfish, Jamaica

Nevertheless, ackee came from West Africa and was considered to be bondsman food, it has been cultivated in Jamaica and is added to the list of the most important national meals. A favorite recipe of all the residents is boiled ackee with such ingredients as onions, tomatoes, and cod.

Jake’s, Treasure Beach, gives everyone the possibility to cook it while attending cooking master classes delivered by professional chefs.

Coo-Coo and Flying Fish, Barbados

Beyond doubt, you can taste something extraordinary being in Barbados. These foods are okra porridge, cornmeal, and coo-coo pairs served with lime juice and vegetables. All this stuff prepared at The Flying Fish will make your mouth water.

Bulgogi, Korea

Koreans cook beef bulgogi out of thinly slaughtered meat pickled in sesame oil, wine, sugar, soy sauce, and garlic. After some period of time, the content is grilled. Enjoy eating it with few fresh leaves of spinach or lettuce. A Korean tradition is to come to a cozy, small restaurants and prepare the dish themselves. Do it up at the Seoul’s upmarket Byeokje Galbi chain.

Kibbeh, Lebanon/Syria

The region’s peculiarities are toothsome appetizers. Usually, the main components are mezes, bulgur, lamb, and flavoring. This mixture can be boiled, baked or eaten just crude. Aleppans in the north of Syria have something to take your breath away as they create some modern ways of combining meat and juice.

Goulash, Hungary

Gulyás is an item of food that appeared in the beginning of the 1880 and is still all-liked nourishment in Hungary. This soup contains beef and vegetables as the core ingredients and is highly seasoned. 

The enumeration of the best dishes in the world may be endless. For example, the Austrians eat

Wiener Schnitzel, the French prefer Pot-au-Feu, the British like roast beef with vegetables, sauce and roast potatoes. Every country has its own courses they are proud of. Indeed, dishes are not only a sustenance but also a symbol of identity.