Full Time Job for Students: A Comprehensive Guide

If you are studying and working full time, your day looks something like this:

You wake up at 5:30 am and feel like your head hit the pillow no more than 10 minutes ago. You force yourself to take a quick shower, brush your teeth, make a big cup of coffee and try to finish the home assignment which is due today. If you are lucky, you manage to have breakfast.

Off to work. There you have to spend eight or more hours preparing reports, going to meetings and doing some paper work. When the working day is over and all your colleagues go back to their families, you go hell-for-leather to a class.

Well, college is much more stressful than many of us expect. It’s not like a high school, where studying was the only responsibility. In college, you have to make a living, pay a mortgage, take care of your family, and do a lot of other adult stuff. And your full-time educational goals are also a top priority.

To help you strike a happy medium between achieving your academic goals, managing your personal life, and staying sane, we’ve prepared a list of invaluable tips.

Establish Your Expectations

You should realize that going to college, doing home assignments, and working minimum 40 hours per week is going to be tough. Be realistic. Forget sleeping eight hours a day and going out with your friends. Don’t be surprised if you have to burn the midnight oil from time to time. And when the alarm clock wakes you up, you can’t just switch it off because your boss won’t be happy with your constant being late for work.

We recommend determining your expectations for this period of life. Be as precise as possible. List all the responsibilities and estimate the time needed for their completion. This way, you won’t have your head in the clouds and will probably avoid procrastination. In fact, the only key to your success is time management, so take it seriously.

Focus on Your Goals

Inspiration can make your life easier during this period. If you feel that education makes you bored, don’t expect changes with time. Studying and working is really hard; it costs a lot of money, nerves and time, so don’t waste years of your life to obtain a degree in the field you don’t like! If you have decided to get a diploma, make sure you know how it may change your life.

Don’t do it on your own

Of course, friends and family can neither solve your problems, nor go to school instead of you. However, it is very stupid of you to think you can cope with everything alone. Whenever you feel you need some help and friendly support let the people you trust know that! Working and studying at the same time is too much stress for one person, so don’t hesitate to discuss your problems with the people you love.

Studying and working full-time is not easy. But, as the famous quote goes, “Today I will do what others won’t, so tomorrow I can do what others can’t.”