Give Up on The Habit of Comparison

I know for sure that I am not the only girl who compares myself to other girls. For example, when I see a cute girl, I think: “I wish I had her eyes/body/face/hair/legs, etc.” In addition to comparing myself to others, I have a habit of stalking hot girls on Facebook and Instagram.

Unfortunately, comparison is a huge problem among modern girls. Females have limitless potential, but comparison makes us more concentrated on becoming better and more beautiful than other girls. This way we forget about our personal development and the need to help each other.

Get Rid of Your Habit of Comparison

Teach the brain to focus on your strong sides

It is easier to be concentrated on your negatives traits or the features you lack. However, if you make a decision to change your mentality, you will be able to train your mind to be thankful for what you have. This way you will focus on the advantages of your personality and work towards developing them. Remind yourself about your strong sides every time you hesitate about your perfection, and you will fall in love with yourself very soon.

Realize that there is enough success for everyone

If all the girls around you are successful, it does not mean that you are a loser. You can be successful too. There is no reason to be intimidated by the prosperity of others. Instead, teach yourself to be happy for the people who make considerable achievements in their lives.

No one is perfect

You cannot make up your mind about the real life of a person only after having a look at him/her. A girl you compare yourself to may look awesome and have hundreds of friends, but still you cannot imagine how hard she is struggling behind the closed doors.

Do not believe social media

A person’s life in social media is just an illusion. People always share photos and information they want you to see. Usually, girls show off only a glamorous side of their lives, omitting less-than-stellar days. On the other hand, if you constantly see fancy posts, they make you feel that you have a less interesting life. Always remember that it is not true and never judge a person’s life without knowing him/her well.

Perceive other women as your sisters, not competitors

Girls often compete with each other, which makes them live in constant stress. Why don’t we just stop it and support each other? This way we will live happier lives and become an unstoppable force.

If you are obsessed with comparing yourself to other girls, there is a need to change your attitude to yourself. Follow these tips and make your life happier.