Halloween: Facts You Should Know

Halloween is one of the most favorite holidays in many countries of the world. Many people all over the world celebrate this feast, but few know these weird details about it!

Christianity versus paganism

Halloween is known as a Christian holiday that honors all saints. However, it took its beginning from Celtic Samhain and other traditions, which had existed long before Christianity came.

Jack-O-Lanterns: history and meanings

Usually, everyone uses pumpkins to make Jack-O-Lanterns. Few know that in Great Britain people used turnips at the beginning. The reason they changed them to pumpkins was a high price of rutabagas. Thus, now we have the American tradition of celebrating this feast with pumpkins. Why pumpkin and what does it mean? Everyone should know about the Celtic legend of Jack-O-Lantern who fooled Satan by putting a piece of coal into a pumpkin and avoided hell that way. The highest number of lighted pumpkins, about 31 thousand, was registered in 2011, which became a Guinness World Record.

"Trick or Treat"

This saying became popular in the 19th century in Scotland and Ireland and had a medieval tradition: children as beggars went door-to-door asking for some food on the last October night. There were many different points of views concerning this phrase in the middle of the 20th century. Two World Wars caused the deficit of many products, especially sugar, so it seemed to people that "trick or treat" is just a good way for extortion and begging. Due to the comic strip Peanuts, this phrase turned into the official saying of Halloween.

Sweets and cakes

Halloween is the feast of candies. It brings six billion dollars for candy-makers each year. However, it was also popular to bake a cake with a thimble inside. If you take a piece of cake with a thimble, you will not find your love next year.


The most popular places for celebrating Halloween are Salem, Massachusetts and New Orleans. The last one is known because of the most prominent Halloween party, which involves almost 20 thousand people. You may also celebrate Halloween in the United Kingdom, in France, and other European countries. Mexico is a great place for Halloween, as there are numerous different festivals there. Despite where you are, remember about a high risk of alcohol poisoning during Halloween celebration.