New Hellboy Movie Review

Even if you are a film addicted person, you must have heard about the new Hellboy movie, released on the 11th of April, 2019. It is a new American fantasy directed by Neil Marshall, a well-known British filmmaker. Experts argue that the Hellboy movie follows the style of modern Marvel and DC films. If you have seen at least one - Spider-Man 2 or The Dark Knight - you can compare and give us your own feedback. Although Hellboy 2019 has just been released, there is a huge variety of film critics and viewers’ feedback. Therefore, we have gathered and analyzed the most reliable and authoritative pieces of feedback on the Hellboy movie in this Hellboy review to help you to decide whether you have to watch this new fiction movie or not.

Hellboy Movie Review

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Experts claim that Hellboy 2019 is not a pure fantasy film. Director and writers tried to mix different genres in this movie. First of all, it was filmed as a deep philosophical movie. However, Marshal did not limit his moving picture and added a little bit from other styles - horrors, comedy, and blockbuster. It is difficult to answer whether all these three genres were successfully mixed. However, we can definitely state that there is a big discussion on this issue nowadays. Some people argue that it makes this film weaker; others are thankful and call its director a film genius. Do your own Hellboy review and join one of the groups.


Filmmakers decided to simplify the plot of the Hellboy 2019 and completely based it on the made life story of Hellboy created by Marshall. There are not many characters. Hellboy characters are witch Nimue (the strongest witch in England who wants to conquer humankind), Hellboy (a demon), Trevor (Hellboy's stepfather), Merlin (a wizard), and other less important actors.


Although there are not many characters in Hellboy 2019,  its length is two hours and a half. What is more, the film critics discuss a lot the 45 minutes dedicated to the second scene characters. They believe it is a waste of film time. However, as always, others state that it is impossible to reduce the second scene characters time since the main plot and history is very simple. Therefore, it was the right decision to tell the whole story full of events through the second scene characters. Again, we cannot say what is right or what is wrong. Of course, film critics follow some guide but we know that to make something new you have to break the rule. Maybe, it is about Hellboy 2019.


There are many different contrary views on monsters. Some people criticize their appearance, behavior, and even voices. Those critics state that monsters are not impressive enough and do not cause the necessary emotions of mysticism and fear. Others believe that all characters and monsters are pretty good in every single episode. They also claim the big and philosophical idea: "There are not just cruel and pitiless monsters; they are something more in this film. Each of us has a beast inside, and it is a big question whether we can deal with it and whether all our monsters should die. Although it is such an abstract idea and it seems to be very far from the main plot, a lot of people discuss it seriously. We can only state that the Hellboy movie appears to be a much deeper film and it can have this hidden sense. The best way to check it is just to watch Hellboy 2019 by yourself.


The sense of humor is highly important. Deadpool has become so popular because of great jokes and charisma of the main actor. Hellboy 2019 also follows the model of making comic situations. However, most film critics complain about the style of the represented humor. They argue it consists of permanent Hellboy's complaints and it does not make sense.

Nevertheless, psychologists believe this type of humor was not chosen by chance. Nowadays, people have so many problems that the best way to get rid of them is just to complain about something. Furthermore, it makes you feel better. Sounds terrific and weird, but it still works. So, people like that even Hellboy has problems, and it attracts them.

Fighting Scenes

If you are a fan of battle scenes, you can be a little bit confused about the quality of fighting scenes in the new Hellboy movie. Many film critics and even fans agree that a lot of fighting scenes are too poor. Filmmakers and the director have chosen the style of darkness and blood. Therefore, sometimes it is difficult to see details in quick episodes and it makes you angry.

Furthermore, some scenes are so artificial that it is hard to believe them. "Although this is a fantasy movie, it has to cause feelings of reality," - says one of the fans. In this case, Hellboy 2019 has some problems, which make this moving picture less worthy. On the other hand, if you want to watch this film with your children - these battle scenes will not cause any problems.

To sum up, Hellboy 2019 has both minuses and pros. However, we do recommend you to watch this new Hellboy 2019 to be able to discuss it and have your point of view.