History of the Celebration of the National Aviation Day

The National Aviation Day is a federal holiday that pays tribute to the history and development of the US aviation. The establishment of the holiday dates back to 1939 when Franklin Delano Roosevelt proclaimed August 19 as the official holiday and dedicated the date to the birthday anniversary of then still alive pioneer in the aviation, Orville Wright. The latter was one of the two brothers (along with Wilbur Wright), who made a considerable contribution to aviation.
The Wright brothers are regarded as the first pilots who managed to build the first successful airplane. The plane was equipped with aircraft controls, so the inventors were able to steer the plane. The brothers were not the first ones to fly an experimental airplane, but they invented aircraft controls. Actually, the issue around the Wright brothers as the first aviators is still considered rather debatable and dubious since many people argue if they can be called the first aviators.

The celebration takes place on August 19 and is organized both on the national and local levels. On that day, schools organize specific activities for the students to participate. The activities are mainly aimed at providing some basic information about the aviation industry, its history and its pioneers. Teachers or supervisors organize field trips for students when they can visit numerous museums and get themselves acquainted with the aviation technology and history. It is also popular to visit the Wright Brothers National Memorial located in North Carolina. Moreover, special events are organized at the aviation museums and airports across the country. Youths and especially children often build model airplanes and then bring them home.
Children find this day more especially interesting and informative for them, and they love to visit different museums and exhibitions commemorated to the National Aviation Day.