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How An Introvert Can Survive and Thrive in College

Introverts…Who are these people? Weirdos? Or society refugees? Well, to be honest, these are typical stereotyped statements. Believe me as an introvert. The people like me are not scared of socializing or interacting with others, we  simply get tired of spending time partying with those we don’t really feel on the same wavelength. It is much more beneficial for us to stay at home, reading books, watching movies, or expanding our horizons in other different ways. Surely, we like communication, more than that, we also NEED it, like extroverts do, it is just that unlike outgoing people, we need some time to recuperate after those coming-outs.

As a student, the most common thing to hear was “Get out of your comfort zone!” Actually, that was mostly said by the extroverts who didn’t really realize our introverted intentions and necessities. A person shouldn’t be judged by his/her desire to go out or stay at home. In the student’s circle, it is even harder to deal with. However, there are always the ways out, even for the most introverted students.

Find your own gang

It is much easier to tackle problems if you have YOUR person by your side. Understanding and the feeling of content while communication are the things what introverts really appreciate. Look around, talk a little bit to your new mates, and you will find the people you may get along with. Believe even extroverts may become the best friends of yours.

Look for your fun

Partying with strangers, booze, and loud music are not what can bring a real pleasure to introverts. However, college life is about the endless opportunities to develop yourself, open new sides of your personality and try new activities. Let party animals dance and drink, while you can opt for something closer to your ideas of fun, like yoga, or martial arts, or art and theater classes (yes, introverts like theater too), or even volunteering for the community. The choices are endless, and even introverts can find something for themselves outside their rooms.

Ask questions

Although sometimes introverts feel uncomfortable asking questions during classes, these questions should not go unnoticed! Just approach your professor or teaching assistant after classes or write an e-mail, whatever. Professors usually appreciate such moves and prefer these new ideas to be aired instead of left behind.

Don’t listen to judgments

Some people jump into judgments without considering the motives or reasons of a person. Avoid such people and never let yourself believe in their statements without reasoning. Introverts are not exiles, they are simply reserved, but they deserve to make their own decisions on what to do with their lives and how to do it.

All in all, stay yourself, that is the most vital. Find your people, the hobbies that will bring you fun and simply enjoy your college life, despite all the possible negativity.