How Can Hobbies Help You Get Into College?

With all the school stuff, extracurricular activities, home tasks, and writing applications for college, students hardly have any spare minute to spend on some enjoyable pastimes. The schedule is packed and the brain is craving for some night-off from these strenuous mental activities. How would you give your brain a hug? There are numerous things to do that will suit everyone: reading comic books, drawing, painting, practicing yoga, going to the gym, etc. No matter what your personal interests are, I can assure you that these hobbies can help you get into college. The thing is: colleges are looking for students who will be successful not only in their academic achievements but will also have some personal contribution to offer.

Check it out how hobbies might help you

They form new skills

Even though your hobby has always seemed to you like an escape from your studies and everyday routine, it has surely contributed to your personal development and obtaining new skills. For example, if you like playing football, you have learned how to communicate and interact in a team. Thus, this skill will be great if you need to work in a team in college. Even depending on what position you played in the game of football, you will feel more free to interact in the college team. Your success in a hobby can help you develop leadership skills and boost self-confidence.

They decrease stress levels

Hobbies help to distract your attention from some strenuous activities and focus on something more pleasant and relaxing. You cannot work or study 24/7, so you definitely need something to decompress.

They help you reveal important character traits

When you are just focused on performing well academically and getting good grades, you will use only one part of the brain that is responsible for memorizing and processing a large amount of information. However, it’s not the only thing you need in life. When you devote enough time to the things you actually derive pleasure from, you will be able to find out about some hidden abilities and traits you have.

They boost up your high school resume

Excellent grades are not the only thing that admission officers are looking for – they are searching for talented and interested people as well. Good description of your skills and hobbies can help your resume get an additional dimension.

Some of them serve as a subject matter for essays

If you need to choose an interesting topic to talk about yourself or narrate about your experience, why not choose your hobby for it? It will definitely make you different from the other college applicants. Focus on the aspect of the hobby that will reveal some interesting part of your personality or explain how you got that hobby and what you find most interesting about it.

They can bring you (additional) income

Some people think that a hobby should never bring you money because it automatically turns into a profession. However, I would not entirely agree with this statement. If you adore painting or drawing and people are interested in your work and are ready to pay you money, why not accept this offer?