How to Celebrate Flag Day

Flag Day is celebrated in the United States on June 14. The tradition to observe this holiday has existed for quite a long time. It dates back to the presidency of Woodrow Wilson. He was the one who issued a proclamation of offering the national observance of the Glory Day in 1916. The event of recognizing the American flag had lasted for a week and culminated on June 14. Interestingly, the same day is considered the Army Birthday for the veterans of the United States Army. Read on to learn more about this important day!

Essential Steps to Celebrate Flag Day

  1. On June 14, display the American Flag in your yard or anywhere near your dwelling. Doing this, remember to follow the proper flag etiquette. It means that you should better avoid displaying any other flag above or near it, etc.
  2. If there are any Flag Day ceremonies held in your area, be sure to attend them. There are very few traditions concerning the American Flag Day, so you can feel free to honor it in any patriotic way you like.
  3. If you work at a school, create lesson plans to observe Flag Day with your students. It can include the American flag’s history, a discussion of the Pledge of Allegiance as well as crafting the American flag with your students. It’s also a good idea to make your students write brief essays or prepare speeches to tell about the facts about Flag Day.
  4. Arrange a party. Invite guests to your house. Exhibit the American flag in the most noticeable place. Cook a cake shaped as the American Flag. Arrange various games that are associated with the flag and Flag Day history.
  5. Prepare a barbecue. Invite your neighbors and friends to celebrate with you. 
  6. Create a patriotic performance. You can find the prepared one you’d like to perform or write your own script. Base it on the history of the American flag or Flag Day.
  7. Take part in a flag burning ceremony. You can find this ceremony at Boy Scout troops or some other community organizations in your area.
  8. June 14 is also considered to be the birthday of the Unites States Army. Exactly on June 14, 1775, it was officially founded by the Second Continental Congress. Therefore, see if there is an Army base or military installation in your area. Attend their celebrations. To find information concerning this, visit the websites of the United States Army and of the Department of Defense. There you can find everything you need to know about local events that mark the day.

So, are you ready now to celebrate Flag Day in 2017? Be sure to arrange your celebration in the most patriotic way possible.