How to Make Your First Day at College Stress-Free

Entering college can be compared to diving for the first time – you’re immersing in some beautiful but completely outlandish space and it seems like you’re only learning to breathe. However, suddenly those endless blue waters bring you sacred tranquility and happiness. The feeling is almost the same when you try to adapt to a new learning environment. It’s normal to be anxious, but you shouldn’t panic even if you accidentally miss the class.

We’d like to help you to get rid of this freshman frustration and start a new exciting chapter in life on a high note!

Prepare Your College Bag Essentials

It’s not uncommon for a freshman to wake up in the morning and start packing a bag for college. As a result, your backpack will resemble a cluttered microcosm. You’d better organize every single item that would be useful at your classes. Prepare the necessary workbooks and textbooks, charge your laptop, and don’t forget about pencils and pens not to borrow them from your peers. It’s also advisable to grab a bottle of water, because you may get dehydrated during the lecture.

Ask for a Campus Map

The campus is a vast territory with a range of buildings. A first-year student can easily lose way. Don’t you want to be wittier? Then explore the campus along with all lecture halls, classrooms and labs, as well as discover the library where you will likely spend many hours a week. It’s also reasonable to define the distance from your dorm room to all your learning spots. Then you won’t need a navigator to get there.

Check Your Email Regularly

You’ll regret not checking your email if you miss your instructor’s guidelines or, what is worse, ignore some important task you need to accomplish before the beginning of your class. A professor can also cancel the class at the last minute, and you’ll waste your time and energy meticulously doing the assignments that won’t be checked immediately.

Don’t Oversleep

Despite your creative personality and emotional temperament, being late is considered ill-mannered. At least, you haven’t got the status of a genius to create your own time dimensions and be flexible in everything you do. You’d better learn to wake up earlier to eat some healthy breakfast, take a shower and choose a nice outfit. It’s advisable to get to class 10 minutes before it starts.

Find the Best Way of Taking Notes

Taking notes on your laptop, using Microsoft Word and Google Docs, is convenient. However, you need to have a backup plan in case your computer is uncharged. So, old-fashioned handwritten notes often turn out to be the best option. Besides, when you write the information down, you simultaneously memorize it. Colorful highlighters make the handwriting process even more enjoyable.

Smartly Choose Your Outfit

Dressing up for college shouldn’t be glamorous, but you also shouldn’t go for sweatpants and sweatshirts, especially if it is your first day of studying. It’s good to choose something classy or smart casual. Your outfit must be comfortable but also elegant. It’s important to consider the weather forecast not to catch a cold or get sunstroke the very day your college life begins.

You have become a college student and you must remember that this time in your life will bring you valuable knowledge and unforgettable emotions.