How To Present A Research Paper

The structure of your research paper will be one of the key factors in its success.
Ensure you have followed any guidelines that were set and that your work follows a pattern that flows from point to point in a logical manner.
You should also ensure that you make the physical presentation one that is acceptable; type clearly and on good quality paper.
Make good use of grammar and spelling and always check it.
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Any ideas or sources you use must be credited to the original author and used in their original context.
Any original ideas of your own must be written in a manner that demonstrates your understanding of the subject and contain evidence of how you came to your conclusions.
A good research paper is absolutely imperative to prove the quality of your research.

It can’t be stressed enough that your research papers should be presented in an attractive way.
The typing must be done to a professional standard, the grammar and spelling must be correct and you should use standard fonts and typefaces.
You could lose marks if the look of your paper is shoddy.
Your title page should be clear and legible and contain all the information required of you as per the guidelines, such as your full name, your student number and of course, the title of your paper.

Do not forget to include a separate page for listing your sources and references.
You will be told in which format to list your sources so be sure that you have correctly completed this page.
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When you Format research paper , it should demonstrate that you’ve understood the instructions you were given before undertaking it.
Showing that you can follow instruction can be as important as the research paper itself.
No matter how good your research paper without evidence that you’ve adhered to the instructions given, you will lose marks.
Up to 1/3rd of your marks and even additional marks may be allocated to how closely you followed the instructions given.
It’s not possible for this article to adequately deal with everything you need to know about formatting a paper, but there are many books available in libraries that will help you with your writing.