How to Prevent College Burnout

Studying is hard work. Studying in college is twice harder. Even completing online programs requires a lot of time and efforts, although online education is much more flexible than the traditional one. Facing numerous tasks to fulfill, most students choose to cram all nights long, which soon may cause mental exhaustion.

It is great if you can exert huge efforts and struggle for your dreams, but at the same time there is a high risk of a serious problem, a burnout syndrome. It is complicated to define this syndrome, using medical terms, as it is still not clear for the physicians how this phenomenon appears and what the main reasons for it. In fact, a common definition given by the public health experts mentions such factors as pressure and stress among the key causes of burnout.

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Symptoms of college burnout can be of various nature, in particular:

  • mental exhaustion
  • physical exhaustion
  • depression and feeling of being alienated
  • loss of productivity
  • problems with concentration
  • high level of anxiety

The students often develop the symptoms of burnout when they neglect their self-care for the sake of doing all tasks related to their study. It is understandable that good performance at college is great, but you should also remember that even one symptom of college burnout should strike a warning note for you.

We are going to share precious tips that will assist you in keeping your health, achieving academic success, carrying out other responsibilities you have.

Simple Things Which Can Improve Your Mood and Help You Avoid College Burnout

  • Proper organization of the planner

Time management is a must for a student; so, you will definitely need a planner. Do not prioritize certain commitments; try to manage all the schedules, activities, and home assignments with proper planning.

  • Inspiration

Following a strong personality who excites your admiration on Facebook or other social media will give you a motivation to go on. Your role model in the chosen field will boost your willingness to achieve what you want with his or her new career successes. It is especially valuable when you experience not the best times in your life.

  • A range of tools to use

It is a mistake to decline help and try to cope with all the issues without any assistance. If you feel burnt-out, get to know what your college can offer you to facilitate this period. Typically, you can get free academic support, guidance in your career, or counseling at your campus organizations. Keep searching; you will definitely find various tools that your college uses to assist the students.

  • Course reviews

Read through a review of the offered courses before you make your choice. You do not have to make your load too heavy. Look for the feedbacks and reviews given by the older students and take into account their opinions regarding the professors and content of the course. Check now only on the skills and methods used by the professors, but also on the amount of home assignments they give.

  • Flash cards

Memorize the facts, formulas, definitions, and new vocabulary, using flash cards.

  • Your own study guide

Your study will get much easier with an appropriate guide. For instance, when you have to do essays or give short answers to the questions at the exam, prepare a study guide and make use of the needed sections of your textbook.

  • Study groups and tutors

It is much easier to study and prevent the burnout joining a group or studying with a tutor. This assistance makes the burden on the students’ shoulders not so heavy. The tutor will always answer all the questions and help to cope with the task if the concepts are too complicated. As for the study group, it is a great chance to make use of the synergy of thinking together.

  • Bright mornings

Everyone knows how challenging it is to get up when you feel exhausted and burnt-out. Nevertheless, it is possible to make every morning bright with a pleasant ritual or joyful morning routine. You may brew the coffee you like, walk your dog in the park, take your favorite soup when you get your morning shower, water your plant, or do something which improves your mood at once. Get much happier for the rest of the day if the first thing you do in the morning is pleasant.

  • Daily goals

Combat routine and burnout with your set daily goals. Do not make your aims too difficult or even unreachable. You may wish to get A+ for each of the assignments, but it is better to think about a number of small goals instead of one complicated goal. Do not focus on your final grade only; instead, concentrate on the assignment you are doing now. Then, setting a goal of making each of the tasks faster and more effectively, you will gradually improve your overall performance.

  • Breakfast

It is a must to have breakfast every morning, and that is not just an old superstition. You have stored up enough carbohydrates and glucose to use overnight. So, in the morning it is time to get new energy for the coming day.

  • Your personal time

No matter how busy your schedule is, it is necessary to have some personal time. Your recovery and rest cannot be neglected. Communicate with your friends, take a nap, or arrange a party on the weekends. Your task is to have your rest and study balanced.

  • Good music

Listen to music and get a number of health benefits. Turn on a good song when you are under the pressure of deadlines and home assignments. Feel how music distracts you from being anxious, makes your mood better, and dissolves stress. 

  • Fresh air

Breathe fresh air and have a break outside to make your mind clear. Feeling recharged, you will soon get back to your studies. Improve the functioning of your brain, motivation, and concentration with oxygen.   

Four Precious Tips That Will Assist You in Keeping Your Health

Don’t spread yourself too thin

Have you chosen more classes than you are able to manage in a hope to gain a degree earlier? Just try to realize ‒ you won’t manage to succeed in all of them. Set reasonable aims. Normally, colleges recommend having from four to six semester hours. If you think about preventing burnout, try not to exceed this average number.

In addition, when choosing classes, make sure you don’t pile on the most difficult ones in one semester. They include complex lab classes and those which require a lot of research. So, pick out the most challenging disciplines and divide them between several semesters.

Don’t procrastinate

Of course, you deserve some rest, but do not put off all your papers and home assignments. When the deadlines come nearer, you will bitterly regret having those lazy days. It is easier to do the tasks in small portions, than burn the midnight oil and be stressed out because of the fear to fail.

So, instead of constant postponing, divide all your tasks into small, manageable parts. This will help you develop your time-management skills and self-discipline.



Keep a healthy diet

You have probably heard it many times that eating is vital because it gives people the energy to live. If you always feel tired and take not enough sleep, examine your diet. A habit of eating fast food and too many sweets is common if you are experiencing stress because your body just needs carbohydrates. However, eating junk food only makes you feel and look worse.

So, what to do? It does not mean you have to be hungry. Just grab some fruit and nuts, or other healthy alternatives instead of unhealthy snacks when you go to college. What is more, cook at home. At first, you might think you don’t have time for that, but in the long run it will do good for  your health.

Don’t ignore good sleep

Sleeping is obligatory. Your brain needs rest. If you ignore this basic need, you will soon become irritated, pessimistic, and absent-minded. And it is going to be even worse. As the result, your performance will deteriorate which is contrary to what you aim for. Sleeping is both necessary and enjoyable, so why to deprive yourself of it?

Do these four tips seem difficult to follow? Not at all. Make them a habit, and you’ll forget what a burnout is. Take care!




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