How to Start Your Day

Each of us has a morning ritual, varying from drinking a cup of fragrant coffee to reading a newspaper, which helps us successfully kick off the day. However, if you still have no idea how to get into a morning routine, get acquainted with the activities that successful and renowned people engage in at the beginning of their day.

Ways to Succeed

At the crack of dawn, more precisely at 6.45 am, American President Barack Obama does weights and cardio at the gym. After strenuous workouts, he continues his morning with having a family breakfast. Then, Obama sends his daughters, Malia and Sasha, off to school, and returns to running the whole country.

In contrast to Barack Obama, the former British Prime Minister, David Cameron, gets up at 6.00 am and looks through the government affairs till 8 o’clock. Only then, a family, consisting of David, his wife, and three kids, eats breakfast. Furthermore, Prime Minister sticks to the rule about no TV in the morning although he is a keen follower of the latest news.

As for the famous British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, he was not really an early bird. Despite waking up at 7.30 am, he remained in the bed till 11 o’clock in the morning. During three and a half hours, Churchill was engaged in his personal motivational activities, including reading the newspaper and having a hearty breakfast.

Howard Schultz, Starbucks Chief Executive, precisely knows what to do in the morning and starts his day at 4.30 am walking his three dogs. After returning home, at 5.45 am, he makes fresh coffee of aged Sumatra for himself and his wife.

Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple Company, used to do the only motivational thing in the morning. In front of the mirror, he asked himself if it was his last day and if his activities would bring him pleasure that day. If the answers were negative, Jobs made significant changes to fix the situation.

Bill Gates’ motivational activities encompass doing cardio exercises while Mark Zuckerberg is convinced that wearing his favorite gray T-shirt helps him take reasonable decisions. Finally, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos will not start working without a healthy leisurely breakfast in a family circle.

Consequently, all these famous politicians and executives have their own keys to success, whether it is a cup of fragrant coffee, morning workout, or just a favorite T-shirt.