How to Survive Black Friday

Autumn holidays may boldly include Black Friday to their preparation buzz. If there is a chance to buy all Thanksgiving gifts with discounts in one race, few people will skip it. Although, we keep in mind that Black Friday is nothing more than a huge marketing trick to get more money out of your wallets. If you still intend to participate in this shopping madness, here are some tips to stay alive after it.

Black Friday surviving tips

  1. Compile a shopping list

This is the main rule on any shopping race to save money and get everything you need. Black Friday is not an exception. Before you even start looking through the sales papers, write down thing you need or want to buy. Only then, check what’s on sale. Otherwise, you’ll end up with an enormous list of item you like but more likely don’t need.

  1. Consider shopping online

If you are not a fan of waiting in line, check your favorite stores’ websites. Often, Black Friday sales go online with the same success as in local stores. Most of them start at midnight, so you can even buy goods earlier than others wake up.

  1. Find a companion

Going shopping with a friend is always more pleasant. On Black Friday, it’s vital! Find someone who has a similar shopping list or route and head to the mall together. An obvious advantage would be leaving a friend to wait in line while you’re grabbing all the stuff from your list and vice versa. Another one is to control exceeding your budget, etc.

  1. Take ads with you

Sometimes, the information in ads does not correspond to the price at the cash register. To avoid awkward situations and save time on explanations, bring paper ads of the store with you. Whenever the expected discount doesn’t work, you are free to show the ad to the shop assistant and require the anticipated price.

  1. Get ready for returns

Black Friday is that kind of an occasion where you don’t buy perfect items. In such a way, make sure you know exactly how the return policy works. Recently, many stores have made it tighter to return goods. So, if you know you may return something, do it quickly, save all receipts and other required papers.

  1. Pay with the credit card

Most of the time, a credit card is your worst friend in the matter of buying things. However, on Black Friday, you may trust plastic better than cash. The main reason to do that is the information about purchases saved in your bank account while you’re shopping. You’ll know what you’ve bought and how much you’ve spent. Moreover, a lot of credit card companies provide you with the more secure return policy and warranty coverage for free.

  1. Don’t buy electronics

Unfortunately, Black Friday doesn’t provide big deals on qualitative electronics. In case, there is a discount on the last version of PSP, there is a hidden reason for it. Simply, cross electronics out of your list, there will be a better time for it.

  1. Avoid Black Friday sales

It’s not a catastrophe to buy nothing on Black Friday. Just stay at home, make some tea and relax. You’ll save a fortune skipping Black Friday than buying plenty of items on sale.