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How to Write an Excellent Essay to be Admitted to College

Applying for a college requires writing an admission essay. For most of the applicants, it is considered to be the most challenging part of an admission process as there is no unique sample or technique to write it. Such essays cannot usually be answered "yes," "no," or "don't know." Instead, you may be expected to describe your successes and failures or the steps you have taken to overcome difficulties.

There Are No Generally Accepted Rules

Writing an essay while applying for college gives an applicant a certain amount of freedom. There are no requirements concerning the structure and form of an essay. The key point is to demonstrate who you are and what your goals are. You could describe any event of your life you consider defining. It may be a winning experience showing how you cope with success. It can be a losing experience demonstrating your ability to deal with defeat making conclusions and using them to improve your performance.  

Make the Reader Totally Absorbed

After having decided on the essay topic, start with what will surely distinguish it among thousands of others. Introduction techniques are numerous and you are free to choose any which will make any reader thirsty for reading more. The introduction may contain an anecdote, a striking fact or an original quote related to the topic.

Do Not Write More Than Required

Bear in mind that every word counts. College admission committee members consider piles of essays every day and it surely takes a lot of time to read each of them. So, if there is a requirement concerning the length of an essay, do not violate them. Concentrate on the main idea and develop it with relevant arguments. Reread the essay to make sure that every idea is worth being dwelt upon.

Don’t Make the Duplicate of Your CV

As you have described all your achievements, awards and qualifications in your resume and CV, there is no need to repeat all these details in your essay. The essay is meant to provide additional information to the application and reveal your personality rather than describe academic performance. It gives you a perfect opportunity to stand out from the rest of applicants. Your original ideas and vivid examples are a guarantee of success.

Don’t Pretend

Use quite informal language avoiding complicated words and impressive facts. The essay is not about how much you know, but about who you really are. A good idea for an essay is to describe some challenge or hardship and the way you have overcome them. This will demonstrate your qualities of a mature competitive personality. If you lack some ideas, read some sample essays of successful applicants to get inspired and motivated.