Independence Day Revelations

For any conscious citizen of the U.S., Independence Day is one of the most significant holidays of the year. Mostly known as the 4th of July, this day is long-awaited and loudly celebrated due to the innate feeling of pride for the motherland that every American has. The massive celebrations and festivity is not everything about the Independence Day and there are much more fascinating facts about it, which we eagerly share with you.

What is this day about?

This national holiday has been celebrated by Americans since July 4, 1776, when the Declaration of Independence was adopted. That was the outcome of the Revolutionary War caused by the great yearning of the thirteen states to get freedom and break the bonds of the British Empire rule. The East Coast settlers had been under the so-called bondage of Britain for a long time, but the last straw of the constant exploitation happened to be the unbearable set of laws and taxes, which escalated the tensions and provoked the revolution.

After the years of suffering from intolerable legislative acts and clear stigmatization, American settlers could not bear it any longer, and in 1775 on the congress meeting of the delegates from each colony under the lead of George Washington, the war against the British Empire was declared. The consequence of this war for the independence and the ability to rule the country in their own way was the Declaration of Independence, which proclaimed the appearance of the new, sovereign country on the geographical map of the world. The commemoration of the long and persistent fight of our ancestors, their unbreakable spirit for freedom is what we remember and celebrate each year on July 4.

Traditional celebrations

Nowadays, this patriotic holiday is marked by numerous parades and marches, carnivals and concerts, football and baseball games, which are usually impressive, luxurious and full of joy. It has become a tradition for most Americans families to go on picnics and barbecues on this day, enjoying all the festivity outside the houses. But the most expected traditional part of the celebration that makes jealous other nations are the magnificent firework shows, which take part all over the country. These fireworks are not only beautiful displays, but also the expression of the pride that Americans feel for being such a powerful, independent, and democratic country.

Interesting facts about this day

Along with the USA, some other countries like the Philippines and Rwanda celebrate their Independence Day on July 4. This is mostly due to the invaluable contribution the US made to these countries on their ways to becoming sovereign states.

Another interesting fact about Independence Day is that it also marked with the bit of sorrow as such great men of the country as Thomas Jefferson and John Adams, who also signed the Declaration of Independence, both died on the 4th of July in 1826.

All in all, Independence Day is not just another federal holiday with fireworks and the abundance of food, it is the day that represents something genuinely bigger, something that makes us so strong as a nation and so known all over the world for our longing for justice, liberty, and independence.