Japan Culture Essay: Historical Aspect


Japan is an interesting country that has deep relation to the world’s cultural heritage. This country is famous for its relation both to the deep roots of history and influential historical and cultural considerations. All that is related to Japan is exotic to the Western world, for this country is the homeland for many artifacts that provides a great importance for what can be greatly involved into the frameworks of possibilities of taking care about the quality of what this country can bring very well and what can be improved, when looking to this world through the lens of time and space.

Part 1 History and Culture

The history of Japan is related to the period, when the Great Empire was developing within the background of economic relations. It was greatly impressive, however, how this country was struggling against the deeply relative consequences that were brought by the Second World War. 1960-1980 periods was marked by changes in economy, as it showed the signs of revival from attacks to this country. It was very well prominent that Japan was considered to be a good economic player in the market of production of services and products. Cars and electronics manufacturing was deeply related to impressive consequences that Japan was making in the period of successful economic revival.

The country was about to take care about the high quality of products, due to the relativity of their struggle. It was very well understood that Japanese nation was about to be involved into struggling for success, for their faith and inspiration were very well related to their hardworking experiences, as they did not take care about details they were involved into. They did their work very well, for they loved what they do.

Japanese culture has brought many important aspects to the world’s heritage. It was greatly significant that it was relative to nature in development of its origins. The traditional religion of Japan is Buddhism and Jainism that are influential in consideration to natural elements. These hints were driven along to ornamental relativities in development of the naturalism in philosophy and religion. It was greatly relevant to the atmosphere of care about people in mental aspects, for it was the nature that could e greatly dependant of the successful implementation of the notions of care about qualitative and quantities researches in the field of good care and creativity within the boundaries of successful combinations.


Natural elements are vivid within Japanese ornamental culture; the art of ikebana is one of the greatest periodical degrees to successful operating with real world structures that can be greatly dependant on the numbers to be avoided, but within the structural considerations that can be traced through the lens of truly relative care about successful implementation of normal opportunities of creativity. In this relation, the creativity of Japanese structural philosophy and culture were deeply related to how these aspects are constructed in terms of good care and thinking about how things are going well for the successful combination of history and culture – all in one.


Japanese music has been developed on the background of history and it is related to artificial benefits of how we can know that reality brings us positive insights of what we do and what we can. Japanese music is dependent on stylish implementation he benefits of good care. It s how we can treat things we can care and how things can care us in terms and conditions of successful origins of truly relative creativity. For example, some songs of John Lennon are related to Japan both in calm and slow manner that are related to this culture. People of Japan like to make things steady and slowly, like in their labor and in their life in general. However, in particular, it is deeply concerned to how people can react to things, either they are related to art or they are greatly of the benefit that can deal with what we can see through the looking glasses of future perspectives. We can care about things in music relatively to illustrate how people can be of the benefits and how they can get the outcomes of their success, for they can be new or old.

Japanese traditional music is what people can do to take care about opportunities of self-actualization to step back from regulations of care about the quality of discussion within the framework of real-world sententious. The music of Japanese in the modern context is too much related to anime movies, for they are greatly discussable within the frameworks of nobility and creativity. Funny Japan heroes from movies and anime are greatly respectable among today’s youth. This is what we can call the moderation of reality within the periods that movies can bring us very well.


Japanese culture is greatly important within the frameworks of institutional care about the high quality heritage of the truly important nativity within the cultural frameworks of civilization. It is how we can treat the reality by means of interrelating it to the outcomes of god care and importance of stability of topics we can do very well by means of enhancing cultural experience within many country. Therefore, that is why then Japanese culture is so important within the future perspectives of real world structural benefits. In many case, the oriental philosophy can be applied to this heritage of Japan. It is greatly see the new trend – dolls from the school “Monster High”, we can see how kids operate with them and how they are playing to be active. This activity is based on the considerations of truly important care about how they develop. It is what we can observe within the experience of childish playing with the so called “totems” that are greatly important to be based on overcoming the “taboos” that society brings back to the people who can depend on the normative of the relations of successful care about psychological benefits that Japan has provided us to be active within the world of successful considerations of true care and self-actualization. These aspects of anime making is a great risk taking, for sometimes, when it is important to be dependant from the circumstances and it is very well important to be active within the cultural frameworks of mental development, kids are going to step back to anime world It is the kind of escapism that they can be ready to take when they consider reality to be too damaging to their sensitive mentality. Japan, in this relation, is greatly influential from the period of successful care about how people can be greatly important for the period of true caring about successful creations of mental reality.

Japanese anime is a good creation of the cultural benefits of successful taking care about the quality of how we can take our shoes away from the boundaries that are set relatively by the society. In this relation, it is greatly important to be greatly operated within the influence of positivist philosophy that was about to get away from good care and taking back from how we can escape to the imaginary world. It is good to develop imagination within movies and develop the feeling of intuitive considerations of the naïve thinking people of nativity.

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Part 2 Japanese Cuisine

Japan is famous for its cuisine, for it is good in taste and in the sense of how people eat. Japan is famous for the culture of eating as well. The culture of eating is how people can be greatly importantly known by what they eat and how they cannot be dependant from whenever they eat. Mostly, Japanese culture of eating is famous by the food of the natural origin. However, they never treat to eat naturally by the meaning of how they act for the benefits of themselves. In this relation, Japan people are never obsessed with eating at all, but, otherwise, they care about the quality of eating, in terms of how they can be greatly dependant from the benefits of time and space of the truly relative care about the high quality of food.

When serving, Japanese people are greatly overwhelming with positive feelings of successful playing with facts both in culture and in fields of cultural disorientation. Eastern culture is famous for the quality of serving, like it is good to be related with success on the matter of the high quality of the discourse to be cared for success in terms of the normative regulations.

The culture of eating is very well developed to be activated in the following products that have natural origin: carrots, bananas, olive oil, grapes, lemons, cucumbers, - fruits and vegetables can be mixed by means of good cooking. The dishes, in this relation, are very much combined and interchangeable for the further success in the art of cooking. It is the art of serving and preparing dishes that moves people rapidly along the road of success. The benefits of health, in this relation, are very much created with the god care of mentality that people brings to themselves in the world of transitional achievements of the regulative care about the quality of food. It is by chance served without gene modified objects, in their relational consistency. The density of the food is what they can be moderately and appropriately interrelated for the benefits of successful implementation of the modalities of cooking.

It is good to be employed within the work of serving food in food courts, events agencies in the open air and also within the restaurants of Japanese food. The art of serving dishes is the way people can enjoy the benefits of their life style that is healthy and very well adjusted to the intuitive measures of great care about the quality of determination for success. It is good to be about to stay around with the initiatives that can be important for the perspectives of the initiaves that are strongly met for the importance of stability of people that are about to be influenced by means of great care about the individuals high that can enjoy with the tea-party or consuming products that nature give us to live and stay alive.

However, the true success of food ceremonies is what we can call the nativity of scenes that are greatly important for the benefits of special care about the notability of food serving. In this relation, it is very well prohibited that we can take care only about what to eat, but avoiding the serving of food in terms of its style. It is important, therefore, that when we serve food, from the matter of success is not only about the taste of it, but the style of how it can be derived from the conclusions that guests can make to take care about the quality of the “eating ceremony”. It is how we can treat the possibilities of the true justification between what we can bring back to the modifications of good care about the high quality standards of the true realities that can bring what we can for the scenes that we can use to be greatly dependant of the possibilities that life is full of too much.

The art of serving food is also related to the art of cooking. Japanese people do not eat too much; however, consuming food is rather the art than just the opportunity to satisfy the natural need to eat. It is good to satisfy the need for food in a good conversation and in a good company than just getting away with the need to serving the healthy and be in tune with life that gives moderate benefits, and not only eating to meet needs of the organism.

In this relation, Japan is an influential country for the whole civilization. It can provide a good example to what people can care and to what they touch in reality, not only by visiting it when sakura opens up the natural world to everyone who can take care about the benefits of living experience, but just to get in touch with Japan by the results they bring to the world, by means of the art of culture, the art of eating, food serving, and cultural benefits that can be very much adjusted to the success of getting clear with the opportunities that the East brings back to the lost world of human civilization. It is the heart of the West that can be opened back to the world of traditional take care about the quality of matters that can go along and come around with the results of discussions between the East and the West.

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