Justifying the Justice League

Major Spoiler Alert

It’s been a week as Justice League hit the big screen, and this article is nothing more than a simple personal review with some comments and spoilers made.

First thing you have to remember, this is DC universe (and God forbid you to say it’s Marvel)! These are two compete universes and usually, fans do not appreciate you mixing them up.

Justice League first appears in DC comic “Brave and Bold” #28 (all the way back in 1960) and is traditionally presented by Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, the Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman and the Martian Manhunter. Can you believe this group even had their own comic book named “Justice League of America?” However, in Justice League movie we will see a non-traditional cast: Batman, Wonder Woman, the Flash, Cyborg, Aquaman and Superman.  Okay, here we can stop and moan about how could they choose Aquaman over Green Lantern, but guys, I mean look at the actor who plays Aquaman and be honest, it’s worth it!

Let’s walk you through the gallery of main heroes:

  • Batman (played by Ben Affleck, which is quite logical, as this movie follows the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and during the first minute, we see a newspaper with a headline ‘Superman is dead’) feels guilty for killing Superman and tries to gather a team of people with skills to save the world. The problem is that he’s getting old and a little bit boring. And, as he always does, he swings around a lot and hides in his machines a lot.
  • Wonder Woman. She had her own movie this year, but I have to say Gal Gadot is doing this character justice. I admire the way this character is both strong and feminine, being such an amazing role model for many. But I would not be honest with you if I didn’t say she flies solo better.
  • The Flash (played by Ezra Miller) is the sweetest character in the whole movie! This socially awkward, curious and unseasoned character makes you laugh all the way through. He adds a human touch to this group of superheroes who look like robots most of the time.
  • Cyborg (Ray Fisher). I’m not sure why this character seems to be the weakest and the dullest among them all, but there is nothing special you can say about him. He just keeps going on and on about this dad making him this way and being completely dissatisfied with the way he ended up (come on, you have some of the coolest superpowers!)
  • Aquaman (Jason Momoa): you just don’t expect great Khal Drogo to be such a sweet badass ‘living la vida loca’. I’m all about Aquaman movie right now (and yes, I’m well aware of the fact it will be on screen in 2018 only), and you may make all the jokes about overcompensation here (as this character was a joke in a comic society, but I loved him in this movie!)
  • Superman (Henry Cavill). Don’t want to write a lot, but I truly believe we all are a bit tired of Mr. Perfect-Hair Clark Kent. The only cute thing about him in this movie is his little competition with the Flash in the final scene of the movie.

Justice league


Okay, this is a tragedy. Neither we fear him, not sympathize. We loved Joker (either played by Jared Leto or Heath Ledger), we hated Doctor Poison (a.k.a Isabel Maru in Wonder Woman) or Hector Hammond (from Green Lantern), we were scared of Bane from The Dark Knight Rises. Meanwhile, Steppenwolf has nothing to be feared of. He has this army of Parademons that feed themselves from fear while looking for three Mother Boxes (pardon me, I’m not even sure what were those). In a flashback (that is supposed to explain what happened and how these boxes were lost in the first place), we see a poor villain being beaten up by humans, Amazons, Atlanteans, Olympians, and the Green Lantern Corps.  Don’t think about it, I’m serious! Don’t. Think. About. It.


It’s a save-the-world-from-a-creep kinda plot. It’s okay if you don’t try to think about it, looking for a deeper meaning. It sets the ground for future potential spin-off and development, but it doesn’t feel right.

League tries to beat Steppenwolf for the whole movie, and there comes Superman saving the world in under a minute. And may I say that main battlefield bears some resemblance to Hell as it was pictured in movie Constantine? Not to say it looks like Chernobyl the very first time you see it.


One thing that is absolutely fantastic about this movie is the official Sound Track List. I have to be honest, I fell in love with music since the very first trailer. Do you want to know why?

One of the scenes features the cover of Beatles “Come Together”, and usually I’m all about the golden rule of Beatles’ covers ‘just don’t do covers on Beatles.’ But it’s not the case. Gary Clark Jr. and Junkie XL made a great version of this classic song that fits this movie just perfectly. Bravo!

After all, this movie might be a good experience for someone who is not a huge fan of DC world, as characters are not classic, and big fans will find themselves looking for mistakes and inconsistencies. If you are not a fan, you are safe and probably you will enjoy the movie. Or at least the soundtrack list.