Keeping in Touch over Distance

How to Keep in Touch with Your Best Friend Everywhere

Many friends are separated when it comes to going to different colleges. Although you make sincere promises to keep in touch every day, a college life is complicated, and there is always not enough time to call your best friend. In fact, it is challenging to maintain friendship if you do not see your best friend regularly, and both of you have busy lifestyles now and meet new people every day.

Personally, it was hard for me to keep in touch with my high-school friend during the first year in college. On the other hand, despite the fact that both of us were overwhelmed with homework and had busy schedules, we found the ways to communicate with each other. Today, I am going to share these methods with you.

Be ready to make efforts and find compromises

Without considerable efforts and the ability to find compromises, your friendship is at risk of falling apart. My friend and I realize this, so we both try hard to support our relationship. For example, we find time in our schedules to hang out together, and if one of us is too busy, the other one does not get offended. We understand that a college life is difficult, but we still manage to find time for each other.

Be understanding

There will be many factors, such as distance and different interests, that will change your relationship. You will also find only little time to communicate with each other. Moreover, new friends will come to your life. It is necessary to understand all these factors and take them easy. Be patient towards your friend’s new way of life, and you will never ruin your relationship.

Take advantage of technology

With the help of technology, nowadays, it is easier to keep in touch over distance than ever before. Contact your friend in social media, call via Skype or Viber, and make plans to see each other. On the other hand, remember that communication via social media cannot substitute real-life conversations.

Build new relationships, but remember about your old friend

Many first-year students want to have a fresh start when they go to college. However, it is also important to remember about the close friend who helped you to overcome numerous challenges on your way. You will certainly meet new people in college, but always be grateful to the person who supported you. Personally, I appreciate what my best friend did for me, and despite the fact that I found many new friends in college, my high-school friend remains #1.

Your high-school relationship may become a life-time friendship if you know how to keep in touch with your close person. Use these tips and never lose connection with your old friends while in college.