A Celebration of Carl Garner Federal Lands Cleanup Day

Every year Americans celebrate a very special occasion, Carl Garner Federal Lands Cleanup Day. It takes place right after Labor Day. Inviting citizens to contribute to the environment they live in, the event has been in action already more than three decades. If to dive deeper into the history, we got to know that the person thanks to whose hard work and active involvement the celebration appeared was Carl Garner. From the other side, the event was regulated by the law, namely by the Federal Lands Cleanup Act.

Carl Garner was a leading engineer and constructor who devoted his life to managing the Greers Ferry Lake region. This person has done much to develop this area. Nevertheless, the territory is known as one of the cleanest and beautiful places, it needed to be preserved. Therefore, Garner organized a cleaning day which became a tradition and a national holiday.

The power of thought of one person has made a great change not only to the state of natural resources but also to the nation’s mentality. Get inspired and take part in making the living world wonders that surround us even more beautiful and well-groomed. You are invited to come on September 9th, 2017. It is not that difficult to find a particular place or natural setting in your region as there are 27 national parks. Apart from that, each state has its own public area. You will definitely find the one the most attractive and comfortable to come. For example, travel to Yosemite, Yellowstone or Redwood recreation grounds. Additionally, find out more about the places which are not that popular but also would like to host Cleanup Day.

How could you help?

Being a student, you can bring such an idea and create a team out of campus volunteers. You can simply tell it to your groupmates and college friends. By the way, do not forget to invite roommates and acquaintances. Prepare such a cleanup and you will be wondered how advantageous it would be for the city you live in. What is more, this way of spending time together unites people and brings the fun.

However, this kind of behavior should be not only shown once a year. This holiday is a remembrance about an attitude towards nature. Every time you have some quality time with your family in the park, do not forget to take out the trash. One more good idea is to prepare a church outing or school’s journey to deal with the pollution in a city. Actually, there are many ways in which you could help and show your personal concern.

Each single event in American Holidays Calendar is equally important and has its special meaning. Try not to omit anyone and enjoy the celebrations.