The Lion King (2019) Movie Review

Are you a Disney fan? Look through The Lion King (2019) Movie Review and decide whether the old story deserved to be retold.

For many people, childhood is associated with colorful Disney movies, which taught us kindness and generosity, helping us understand that there is a way out of the most challenging situations. Such Disney productions as Bambi (1942), Cinderella (1950), Brother Bear (2003) and Moana (2016) have been considered the best choices for children empowering their worldview and teaching how to push the limits. I was five when I saw the first Disney movie. The Little Mermaid (1989), which told about the power of pure love. Watching a cartoon. I delved into a fascinating colorful world, which amazed me by its characters and setting. From that day, I demanded more and more movies from Disney expecting high-quality production.

The Lion King (2019) Movie Review

When you are an adult, watching a movie is just a part of your life, not very significant by the way. However, when you are a child, the cartoon pushes you into an unknown universe where you will meet many characters, evil and kind-hearted, achieve new knowledge, and obtain new experience. Obviously, Disney is aware of its power over the child`s life. What is more, this company definitely knows how to make a profit of child`s values, dreams, and aspirations. This is a significant part of the company`s strategy, which allows it to remain the key cartoon provider all over the globe. Now, after purchasing several related companies, Disney became a giant in the world of cinematography that gave birth to Guy Ritchie’s Aladdin or Tim Burton’s Dumbo.

These days, children and adults from different countries are waiting for a new Disney masterpiece, Jon Favreau’s photorealistic adaptation of The Lion King, the 1994 animated megahit. This animated movie is beloved by many people including me and all my friends. In fact, it is one of the leaders in the list of the most emotionally pushing movies I have ever seen. Moving and life-affirming, it plays with the child`s feelings making children face their greatest fear – to lose a parent.

The Lion King Returned

After the first ten minutes of viewing, it becomes clear that it is a step-by-step adaptation of the original cartoon including the dialogues, episodes, and plot, except for several scenes, which do not significantly influence the development of the plot. A lion cub, the son of Jungle`s King, Mufasa, learns that one day, he will become a king of Pride Rock. However, Mufasa`s evil and jealous brother Scar still hopes to wipe out both generations of lion royalty and become a king. He manages to kill Mufasa and make desperate Simba blame himself for the death of his father. The audience will remember the famous scene on a mountain, which causes tears not only in children but also in adult men and women. If you saw the original cartoon, then you probably know the rest. The protagonist has to pass through the spiritual journey, make new friends, and accept his identity to become a new king. After many years of his diligence, maturity and even development from a child to an adult, Simba returns home, where he sees desert land, scorched by the sun and crippled by hyenas, where there is no longer any food. The young lion has to prove his noble origin.

It is difficult to speak of the heartlessness of this project, because, as I said above, it completely copies its predecessor, in no way diminishing its dignity. At the same time, a new movie did not bring anything new, for which it would be possible to criticize or praise it.

First and foremost, The Lion King (2019) is about realistic graphics. In this movie, realism is bordering with fantasy. The depiction of nature and drawing of animals with their habits is truly fantastic. Some The Lion King (2019) Movie Reviews say that watching this movie is like watching Animal Planet and Discovery Channel, but it is not true. Well, it is very far from being true. The beasts are talking here, playing with each other and doing many things that do not do in natural conditions.

Yes, other The Lion King (2019) Movie Reviews say that Favreau did not even try to play with the camera, creating new perspectives and plans, offering the viewer at least something new, as the Beauty and the Beast did, which experimented with the setting, animation, rethinking of some scenes and storyline scenes. lines. However, after visiting the cinema, I can say that it is a very worthy adaptation of the old story. Spectacular, bright, moderately sentimental and very interesting, this movie definitely deserves watching it on a big screen.

The Lion King (2019) cannot be regarded as an independent product, at least for people of my age, and therefore everything seen on the screen is perceived in comparison with the original. This comparison makes all the shortcomings arise. Yes, The Lion King (2019) is a quite interesting, beautiful, and exciting movie. I can even admit that the adaptation turned out to be luxurious. Moreover, one should mention the cast that gathered the best starts. In particular, Simba is voiced by Donald Glover, whereas Nala, Simba`s friend, who became one of the reasons why Simba returned to Pride Rock, is voiced by Beyoncé.

It seems that contemporary Disney movies are created to stoke nostalgia in millennials, Gen X-ers, and boomers. However, this fact does not underestimate the value of such movies. On the contrary, people are sick and tired from the political games, bad news, and adult routine. Those, who believe that Disney is just drawing the dollar signs in the lion`s eyes are forgetting that Disney has always been a family-oriented company that takes care not only of the financial income but also about the needs of its audience. After all, it is great to see the well-known cartoon in the brand new adaptation.

So, the choice is yours. Are you ready to survive the deepest emotional trauma of your childhood once more, now not in the cartoon, but a very realistic film format?