Love and Hate for The Last Jedi

"This is not going to go the way you think."

―Luke Skywalker

It’s been a week as the new episode hit the cinema, and I hope you remember we gave you some help covering basic with episodes I-VII. Coming out of the movie theater I have to admit people were in love, confused, arguing about this episode, but no one was left aloof. I myself both loved and hated this new episode and rewrote this review three times before I found the right way to express my feelings.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi throws us in the middle of the fight between First Order (ex-Empire) and Resistance from the first minutes of the movie. As they destroy a Dreadnought (the warship), they fall into the trap set and no matter where they go, First Order follows them. Meanwhile on Ahch-To Rey is trying to convince Luke that Galaxy needs a legend and he has to come back (as he keeps whining on how Jedi already screwed up and she has to let them go).

Featuring of The Last Jedi

I thought the best way to explain things is by covering main characters, explaining their role and making comments. So, sit back and let me walk you through The Last Jedi featuring:

  • Leia: who is now no other than General Leia Organa, leading Resistance and trying to find her brother who is hiding somewhere on the outskirts of Galaxy pretending he never was a great and mighty Jedi. One of the greatest moments is the moment she pilots herself back into the ship from an open space as the deck was ruined in the attack.
  • Luke. This is the biggest disappointment and the greatest relief of this episode. 2/3 of the movie he refuses to do anything, and by the time he makes up his mind, a ghost of Yoda comes to burn the Jedi sanctuary down. However, I wouldn’t be completely honest with you if I didn’t mention Skywalker saved everyone in the battle with Kylo Ren. And what is the most touching, he dies at the end of the episode watching a twin-sun sunset (like the one we saw after his birth and separation with Leia).
  • Kylo Ren, who btw is Leia’s son and Luke’s nephew, appears to have both a psychological trauma from his teacher's betrayal and a mental connection with Rey. He kills Supreme Leader Snoke to “kill everything old and create something new*” but when Rey refuses to go along with his plan, he decides he’ll become a new Supreme Leader. What do I love about the new villain? He’s not that black-or-white, having his own issues, searching for a connection and having a fear of rejection.
  • Rey, who is also struggling with the Force and having a desperate need to find out the truth about her parents, keeps trying to save Resistance. She has the Force inside her so clean and powerful it scares Luke he refuses to do anything. Lost and forlorn, she jumps back to Millennium Falcon and asks Chewbacca to pilot her to Supremacy so she could turn Kylo Ren back to a good side. 
  • Finn. Okay, here I have to stop and admit I’m not a great fan of either Finn himself or their storyline with Rose, but I have to say his personal growth was amazing.
  • Rose, a Resistance mechanic, whose sister died destroying the Dreadnought, who falls in love with Finn, almost dies because of betrayal of Master Codebreaker and won’t let Finn pilot into the loophole of battering ram cannon.
  • Vice Admiral Holdo, who proves to be quiet an admiral by sacrificing her own life to save what was left from Resistance, as everyone was trying to escape.
  • Master Codebreaker, the side hero you first admire that hate as he turns his back on Finn and Rose. And I have a weird feeling we will hear from him once more.
  • BB8. Okay, this is a thing I absolutely loved about this movie - the number of scenes with BB8 saving the day. I know that back in the days R2-D2 was a badass droid saving everyone, but he was nowhere near as sweet as BB8! Piloting a bomber, stealing a ship or saving people? Seems like there is nothing this droid can’t handle.
  • Porgs. Okay, these are the greatest creatures in the world. Said to be sea-bird creatures, they are so cute and annoying at the same time. As they seem to like Chewy, we just can’t help but fall in love with them.

Get to know "What The Star Wars Cast Really Thinks of Porgs" :

There is nothing like a good argument, and I keep hearing people quarreling about whether this episode was breaking all the rules of the Star Wars Universe or not. I can’t agree with either party. It’s not breaking the rules, it’s bending the rules to create a whole new world. You have to admit that it would be boring and completely inappropriate to picture same old battles between Empire and Republic, so Lucasfilm had to come up with something new.

Though there are few questions I hope will be answered in Episode IX:

  • Who are Rey’s parents? And no matter what Kylo said, I don’t believe they were insignificant junkers. You just simply cannot walk on the Force being no one.
  • How would they deal with the death of Carrie Fisher and Leia’s storyline?
  • Who will be the new generation of Jedi?

So this is pretty much everything I can fit into one post, without going on and on about BB8 and porgs, as well as without discussing every possible storyline from comic books. And like Rey was a day-saver for Resistance, so can be a helping hand in all your academic troubles. May the Force be with you!

I wish they paid tribute to a sideline in comic books where we learn about Gray Jedi (those who can use the Force without surrendering to good or bad).