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Master of None Lessons

16 Lessons Millennials Can Learn from Master of None

Today Master of None show made by Aziz Ansari is becoming an absolute hit. People love it not only because it is fun and interesting, but also because it teaches us a lot of lessons. It covers everything millennials experience today, including the things that no other generation has ever overlived before. Let’s see what the most important things we can learn from Master of None.

Top lessons for millennials from Master of None

1. Never be 100 percent in your relationship. In all relationships, there are ups and downs. And this is good. Always being at 100 percent would be so boring. It’s much more interesting to see how it changes all the time and makes the relationship much richer.

2. Take your time. People are like chalk and cheese and life for everyone is also different. Some are lucky to meet the right person when they are very young, while others keep on searching being in their thirties. And both are fine. Millennials are the first generation ever to realize that marrying too soon isn’t always a good idea. After all, there is no good settling down with someone only because “it’s time”. Who knows when you will meet your significant other? Even if it happens when you’re in your fifties, that’s okay.

3. Date a lot. How else will you find your significant other, unless you date? Sometimes dating is fun and sometimes it is painful. But the good thing is that we can always learn from these experiences and have some interesting stories to tell later.

4. Have adventures. Don’t limit your dates to coffee, drinks, and movies. Be spontaneous. Spice up your relationship by doing something new for both of you. Go to a city you’ve never been to and get an experience you’ve never had before.

5. Be open to new experiences and people. Don’t judge people until you know them well. If you had a horrible date, it doesn’t mean that everything will be as horrible in the future too. Don’t cancel this person out. Better go on a second date and get to know them better. And remember about point 1 in this list – being less than 100 percent is fine.

6. Hotness doesn't equal awesomeness. This cliché has existed for so long. But it’s totally wrong. Remember the old saying – “don’t judge the book by its cover”? It works most of the time. So never relate people to the way they look.

7. A perfect taco doesn’t exist. If you give too much focus to an ideal, you might end up ruining the experience itself. Enjoy your life at every moment. And enjoy the people you have in your life.

8. Don't take your life too seriously. Remember that life isn’t always for serious things. It is also for fun.

9. Reinvent old jokes. Most of the jokes and topics covered in Master of None are not new. They’ve been covered in Ansari’s book and his standup show. However, it doesn’t make these jokes old and unfunny. We still really enjoy them since they are still topical.

10. Learn how to make pasta. Not necessarily pasta. Learn to make anything you’ve never done before. Then see the results – they might be rather awesome.

11. Teach your dad to use his iPad. Yes, it can be an annoying thing to do. Nevertheless, your dad, as well as your mom, is your greatest source of love and support. Remember about that.

12. Take your grandma out every time you can do it. Make sure to take your grandpa as well. Your grandparents are totally worth the time you spend with them. They’re awesome.

13. Cheating is never a good thing in a relationship. Even if you’ve cheated on your significant other, you need to expose your affair to them. Try to talk about it and who knows what happens next. Sometimes, a relationship becomes even stronger in such situations. 

14. Both girls and guys have their share of problems. For girls, some of these problems can be fighting gender inequality at work or fearing to go home alone late at night whereas guys have problems too and they also sometimes have to fight for gender balance.

15. Don't be afraid of Plan B. Avoid having a one-minded plan for your entire lifetime. In this case, when something you haven’t expected happens, you will figure out what to do. And you will never know – sometimes these unexpected things carry some awesome opportunities.

16. No one has any idea of what they're doing. What is more, no one ever will. This is the life and you just need to live it. Don’t sit on the sideline. Become the architect of your life. Get new experiences, make mistakes, and learn from them.

Master of None is a rather awesome show, especially for millennials. So be sure to watch it attentively not only for fun but also for learning.