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Mission: Impossible – Fallout: Incredible Vision of Complete Entertaining Success

When Tom Cruise is involved in a movie, viewers can expect fascinating stunts, drive, and satisfaction. This is true about Mission: Impossible – Fallout that in an example of a decent action film and a marvelous follow-up of the famous franchise.
A director and producers managed to present a film that stands out among other flicks as the one that balances the story with action and even has a hint of a character development. 

Movie review: Mission Impossible

What to Enjoy?

Mission: Impossible – Fallout makes it possible to see a 56-year old actor (and his stump double) performing ridiculous stunts with determination on a face. Stunts are the constant of this movie. They are complicated, breathtaking, and improbable. Thus, the sixth installment is one of the best cinematographic parts of the blockbuster summer. 
Notably, the film poses a complicated question in view of the trolley problem and compels to choose between saving one person while many others die or bringing death to this person and saving the lives of others. This ethical twist has its appeal in addition to all the action on the screen.

What Is This Movie about?

The picture does not strike an audience as a smart movie but brings pleasure.Therefore, one should not search for deep and comprehensive interpretations of human nature and existential problems even in the context of a terrorist who wants to destroy all of the main religions. This intriguing thread suddenly occurs and is rapidly forgotten. The story goes on. 
Ethan Hunt, a known and bellowed agent, played by Cruise, who together with IMF representatives (portrayed by Ving Rhames and Simon Pegg) try to save people from the threat of a terrorist. The main antipode, John Lark, works with a group of 12 individuals who fancy explosives. Moreover, they are in disposal of bombs that require nuclear material to blow up the world. Notably, the hero is ready to prevent potentially catastrophic outcomes and show off a little. 

The film is also crowded by other individuals and agents. Thus, Alec Baldwin appears as Alan Hunley and cooperates with August Walker, played by Henry Cavill. The whole mission is overseen by stunning Erica Sloan (portrayed by Angela Bassett). Other familiar faces include, for example, Solomon Lane (played by Sean Harris) and Ilsa Faust (played by Rebecca Ferguson). These characters are pieces of a puzzle to save the world and have their own missions performed in almost two-and-a-half-hour runtime.

Who is Responsible for the Picture?

The director, Christopher McQuarrie, famous for Rogue Nation, developed this part of the franchise. It should be pointed out that he managed to preserve the impish and ambitious voice associated with the Mission Impossible movies. He is also responsible for one of the most memorable scenes of the film that is set in the Kashmir Mountains and makes the viewers hold their breath. 

What Isan Ethical Dilemma in Mission: Impossible - Fallout?

This particular movie does not fit into a category where interesting and challenging ideas are explored. However, it still devotes time to playing with a moralinquiry that introduces an audience to the trolley problem.
While the ultimate goal of the main character is to save people, he and other agents have two options to complete this mission. Thus, high-stakes dictate their rules and a man can either lose his or her life to protect many people or sacrifice the life of someone close.

In fact, the choice is based on a rational approach to saving many lives or on an emotional option of protecting a bellowed person. Some may call the given situation a numbers game.
Moreover, a conflict is set between the two approaches. As such, Walker is ready to sacrifice a dozen police officers if it means that a potentially dangerous terrorist will be captured. Ethan, however, values life and struggles to keep good people alive. This desire leads him to implementing preposterous and impossible plans. Thus, a moral choice becomes a foundation of a splendid action. 

It is interesting to see how Ethan makes this choice every time before killing a bad guy. He keeps eye contact and executes a plan to kill in order to save. Sometimes, Ethan destroys enemies, sometimes, he is reluctant to do so and someone else finishes the job on Ethan’s behalf. Perhaps, it is difficult to be an agent trained to kill and to harbor pacifistic feelings at the same time.
As for the character development, the viewers may see that Ethan changes. Therefore, in the part Skyscraper, he is an outstanding citizen that has no problem with killing. In this part, he pauses to make the same choices. This aspect makes the character more appealing.  

Ethan also helps people to acknowledge that there are no right and wrong choices when it comes to the trolley problem. He listens to his heart and gut and dismisses rational reasoning to some extent in favor of conscience. Thus, dramatic tension arises and adds a taste of an ethical dilemma to the film. 


As a viewer, you can definitely enjoy Mission: Impossible – Fallout. Moreover, you can find a source of a moral conflict in the film. Alternatively, you can focus on the character played by Cruise and forget about everything else while crazy stunts appear and change each other in a row. Overall, this film is one of the best blockbusters of this hot season and can help you have a good time. Enjoy!