The Avengers Review

Ten years ago, in 2008, the Marvel studio released the blockbuster "Iron Man" and opened a new era, the era of the grandiose universe, which currently includes two dozen full-length movies and many related projects. How does the studio celebrate the anniversary? They created the most epic blockbuster, which reduces almost all of its screen superheroes to an enemy of universal power.
The ten-year history of Marvel films came to some logical conclusion. Heroes from all corners of the world started a common struggle against Thanos, who finally began a full-fledged hunt for the Infinity Stones to create a balance in the universe.

The Avengers Review


Here is one of the first reasons why the “Infinity War” can become an unattainable point for all subsequent movies. Thanos is simply too good, specifically in this picture. We know about him as much as we should, we can see him in battle, and in dramatic scenes.
The same can be said about the interaction of characters. When Spider-Man meets Doctor Strange for the first time, and Tony Stark meets Peter Quill, this is delightful. Then the action, in which all the characters act together, united their unique abilities, begins.
The battle against the Black Order and the Mad Titan is conducted on Earth and, and there are the most interesting interactions between the characters in space. Thor turned out to be just wonderful, although he became too strong.


The main character of the whole story is Thanos, who is sure he is doing good, which, in his opinion, cannot be without violence. Thanos performed by Josh Brolin turned out to be incredibly alive, not devoid of motivation and extremely charismatic. In the first scene, it is clear that he is a complex character, by the middle of the film you begin to understand him, and by the end – to hate and love his follies. Maybe he is the most interesting character of Marvel movies.


The Rousseau brothers did an incredible job combining several dozen superheroes on the screen, many of which collide with each other for the first time. The very idea generated the need to prescribe numerous scenes of characters’ acquaintance, options for their reaction to each other, including an assessment of the capabilities of a potential adversary and the demonstration of one's strength, episodes always, incidentally are coupled with jokes. 
Brothers proved that they could combine non-stop action with a subtle drama in the “Civil War,” and this skill was useful to them in the "War of Infinity" too. Characters do not forget to joke even in the battle, and successful camera angles and good music add the necessary dose of pathos in this genre.
The most unusual, unexpected, and ambiguous part of the film was its ending. The final of the third "The Avengers" looks complete, but it is unclear whether it will withstand the test by the following parts of the movie. However, Marvel movies have long been transformed into the semblance of modern serials. Each picture is logically finished, but the individual story of characters moves and arches through many films. If you compare Marvel with the series, "Infinity War" is like the final of the season.
Death has a sense of humor and compassion here. It is pointless to oppose it. Even the gods, sooner or later will be erased from the face of the Earth and human memory. The audience will leave the cinema hall with an intriguing and strange feeling. Moreover, the titles "Thanos will return" will force them to reflect on the essence of this film for a long time.