Movies Coming out in December 2018

To wrap up this year, Netflix has prepared some truly amazing releases. New films and returning TV shows, as well as some special Christmas surprises, are expected to come out in December 2018. We have collected all the Netflix new releases for you to be in the know about the hottest products in the film industry. 

Netflix Originals Coming to Netflix in December

Hero Mask (Season 1)

Release Date: December 3
This year, Netflix has been quite prolific in terms of anime and it is not going to slow down in 2019. However, Netflix has still something magnificent to offer you this year. Hero Mask will be exclusively on Netflix on December 3. While the details are silenced right now, it is evident that it will star James Blood who will have to deal with some mysteries.

Dogs of Berlin (Season 1)

Release Date: December 7
The first German series was released on Netflix some time ago this year and the second is about to wrap up the year. This TV show is absolutely different from Dark and appears really riveting.
The TV show centers around two detectives working in the seedy district of Berlin in a department drowning in corruption and crime. 

Neo Yokio: Pink Christmas (Special)

Release Date: December 7
As the second season bewildered us through and trough, we are all waiting for Neo Yokio special. This shocking anime TV show will appear just before holidays. The majority of the cast members will allegedly remain the same. However, it is still unknown whether Charles will stage a comeback.

Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle (Movie)

Release Date: December 7
Andy Serkis is in charge of this forthcoming fantasy adventure movie, which is based on a story you might have heard of. Disney made The Jungle Book in 2016. Now it is high time Warner Brothers who sold the film license to Netflix had the ball rolling.

Plan Couer (Season 1)

Release Date: December 7
If you have watched the first trailer of this French comedy TV show, you must have taken it for a parody of Love Actually. The release centers around three friends that live their own lives but have to join their hands to get Elsa who lacks confidence. 

The Ranch (Part 6)

Release Date: December 7
Two of Netflix’s hottest sitcoms return and are among the most awaited December movies. The main question is whether the show can go without Rooster who left it in the last part.

Fuller House 

Release Date: December 14
Season 4 with 13 episodes, one of the hottest Netflix new releases, will be available on Netflix just in time for Christmas.
It is reported that season 4 might be the last season of Fuller House; at least that is what gossips say. Still, the rebooted sitcom was a pleasure to watch over the past couple of years and we are all looking forward to watching Tanners in December.

Tidelands (Season 1)

Release Date: December 14
The TV show is a crime drama that tells about a former criminal comeback to help reveal the town’s secrets and the mystery of numerous bodies appearing on shore.
Ten episodes will be released on December 14.

Roma (Film)

Release Date: December 14
First presented at the Venice International Film Festival, this Mexican film has become a real box office success and won numerous movie awards.
The film features Mexico City in the early 1970s drowning in miscellaneous criminal activities. The main focus is on an ordinary family with lots of secrets and dramatic situations to be unfolded.

Sunderland Till I Die

Release Date: December 14
This soccer documentary TV show features Sunderland Football Club experiencing their hard times when they were relegated to League One from the Premier League.

The Protector (Season 1)

Netflix has finally resolved to show a genuine Turkish series, the first ever on Netflix. Turkish TV shows have managed to pull in large audiences on Netflix and it is expected to continue with The Protector. It’s a novel sci-fi action drama about a young shop owner who becomes powerful and must protect an island. 
The series will be released on December 14.

Voltron: Legendary Defender (Season 8)

Voltron has been one of the hottest Netflix new releases for several years. Season 8 will have the same number of episodes as season 7.  Being slightly puzzled after season 6 ended, we have still a great number of things to find out.
The series will be released on December 14.

Springsteen on Broadway

Release Date: December 15
Netflix has not been that prolific in terms of the music industry in 2018 but their greatest release will be Bruce Springsteen’s special. It was shot in October and stars Springsteen who will perform some of his most renowned songs and will tell some of the stories from his personal life.
The show was sold like hot cakes, which means that you will be able to watch Springsteen on Broadway only on Netflix.

Ellen DeGeneres: Relatable (Standup Special)

Ellen DeGeneres is super talented. With her own daytime TV show, numerous movie and TV credits, she has even more up her sleeve. Stand-up is not a novelty for Ellen. Still, this one marks her first standup since 2003.
This Standup Special will be released on December 18.

Diablero (Season 1)

Release Date: December 21
Set in Mexico, this brand-new TV show is adapted from the book “El Diablo me obligó”.  It focuses a Priest who is trying to find the help of a demon hunter. Organizing a new team, their main task is to prevent the supernatural from the takeover of the whole world.

3 Below: Tales of Arcadia (Season 1)

If you’re a fan of Trollhunters, you surely must not miss a new release of this riveting trilogy. The perfectly animated DreamWorks show will be based in the same universe as Trollhunters but with lots of differences.
This story will center around two aliens who have crash-landed on Earth and need to mend their ship to come back to their home planet.
The trilogy is available on December 21.

Bird Box (Movie)

Release Date: December 21st
This is one of the December 2018 movies that show lots of promises.  The recipe for success is simple: find a big film star to show up in a familiar post-apocalypse setting. Bird Box definitely fits the description but the filmmakers promised to bank on it even more.
Bird Box features Sandra Bullock as Malorie, a mother who has to protect her children. If you are a fan of A Quiet Place, this is exactly what you might be looking for.

Watership Down (Season 1)

Watership Down is Netflix’s dark horse for winter holidays. It aims to retell a well-known story and pull in new audiences in a four-part special. The TV show will star an amazing cast that will surely bring you bags of pleasure for Christmas.
The TV show will come out on December 25.

Alexa & Katie (Season 2)

The teen series Alexa & Katie is coming out in December 2018. The TV show tells about two long-standing friends, the freshers of high school. One of them gets terminally sick and they have to go through a lot of difficulties, which in fact makes their friendship even stronger.
You can watch this TV series starting from December 26.