How to Write a Narrative Paper: Narrative Essay Writing

How to get a good grade for narrative essay writing? Students who ask this question definitely want to excel in their studies. What is the optimal length for this paper? Should it contain a lot of details and facts? Is it supposed to be fancy? What manner is preferable for this type of essay? Are there any strict requirements for the organization of ideas in this type of text?

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Narrative Paper Definition

There is a specific narrative paper definition that presents this type of writing as telling a story according to the chosen or assigned topic that is somehow related to the writer’s personal experience. Both at college and high school, students get different assignments, and most of them find narrative essays enjoyable. The task to write a story may sound easy at first, but it will be effective only if the writer takes a proper approach. 

If you have already worked on academic writing assignments, you know the typical structure of a good essay. Narrative essay writing is not an exception. This paper also has a traditional structure - the notorious five paragraphs:

  • Introduction

It presents the main idea and the chosen topic in a single paragraph.

  • Body

Having a minimum of three paragraphs, it tells the story to the readers.

  • Conclusion 

It summarizes the ideas and the writer’s thoughts in a single paragraph.

How to Find a Good Topic for a Narrative Paper

The most challenging task in narrative essay writing is to start working on the text. You have received a topic from your instructor. Try to focus on it and recollect some experience or story relevant to that topic. Remember that your paper is going to include not only the story itself but also some analysis.

What you have is a particular concept or theme to concentrate on and develop into a story. You do not need to conduct any research or use outside sources. Use your personal stories or the events from the lives of people you may know to get inspired.

In general, this assignment helps teachers and tutors to check how creative a student is and how good his or her skills of storytelling are. Besides, the students demonstrate their ability to build a connection between the given topic and their experience.

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How to Make an Introduction of Your Essay Nice?

The narrative text is good if it is presented as a particular story with bright details and a comprehensible plot. Do not try to turn a simple essay into a novel; instead, make sure that it is written concisely, with a limited plot, setting, and bright characters. Make the readers interested with the content that is close to them: weekends spent with friends, vacations at the seaside, spoilt trips, or any other experience like this will be great.

  • Do not make the story too broad!

It will be a bad essay if it tells about everything in the world. Do not start the essay with the words “This winter,” or “When I was a child” because you will not be able to have all the details included in one essay.

  • Pick a single event

If you tell about the summer or the years of your childhood, take some specific days or even hours to present.

  • Do not tell about many people.

The number of characters in your story should be limited. Only those, who are involved in the storyline, should be included. The readers will be tired to get acquainted with all your childhood friends; so, take only a few of them for your story. 

  • Choose a good title.

How to Make an Outline for Your Narrative Essay

Start the story with an outline. Define the beginning and the ending of the storyline. Note the most essential points and check if everything you wanted to include is there in the story. Make sure that the following elements are included:

  1. Beginning
  2. Middle
  3. The end

A good outline will help you to keep focused while writing and present only the most important things. Make sure not to sound too formal; just mention the key scenes and aspects for proper organization.

How to make a Conclusion of a Narrative Essay Nice?

Take the final step with the concluding part and say your final word. Take into account the following tips:

  • The conclusion should not be just an ending for the story, it should go beyond.
  • The final part should be smoothly connected with the previous paragraphs.
  • The timeline should be clear for the audience.
  • Your lessons and discoveries should be presented for the readers here, in the final section.
  • The readers should always know what happened at the end of the story.
  • A narrative-style paper should keep the interest of the audience even when they are done with reading.

Storytelling in a Narrative Essay

An excellent story always has a good setting for the actions to take place. Make it clear whether the characters act in the village or the city, outside or inside the building. It is an important part of the narrative.

The illustration of the topic in the story should be absolutely clear for the readers. Do not forget, the introductory statement of your narrative paper informs the reader of your viewpoint and perspective. Reread the story twice after you have finished writing and check if all the included details are relevant. The readers should not ask questions after the story is read; try to give them all the answers in your text.

As the narrative paper definition suggests, a good narrative essay is actually a presentation of some interesting story. It necessarily includes a detailed description of the writer's personal experiences. The key point in writing a perfect story is in the writer's ability to choose an appropriate perspective and reconsider the events or topics discussed in the paper.

If you look at a superior narrative essay example, you will see that the writer has been extremely thorough and detailed reflecting on his or her personal experiences. So, if you have to write this kind of essay, be prepared to make a story that will keep the reader in tension until the very last word.

No matter what narrative essay topics you want to discuss in your paper, make sure that your paper includes all major components of successful academic storytelling.

Major components of successful academic storytelling:










or outcome

At times, these essays are written in the form of a book report. If that is the case, you will have to follow the same structure, although you will report the experiences described by another person.

Formatting Your Narrative Essay

In case your narrative essay is an academic paper, you should format it according to the instructions provided by your professor. The way the title page and the headings are formatted depends on the assigned style: APA, MLA, or Harvard. While working on your story mind the following principles:

  1. You should not be afraid of using the first person, since you are narrating the story that has happened in your life and has affected you.
  2. The type of detail you include in your narrative essay should produce a strong, lasting sensual impression on the reader. In fact, emotions represent one of the central components of a good narrative paper.

You can use different ideas to write your exemplary narrative essay. You can derive these ideas from books or personal experiences.

In case you experience writer's block, our team of professionals offers you to check the list of narrative essay topics to use one for your own work:

  • How I got my first job
  • How I betrayed my best friend
  • The worst day in my life
  • What motivates me to pursue ambitious life goals 

Fundamental Steps and Tips     

It is an outstanding writing experience to work on a narrative paper and reflect on the events from your personal life. When you share your emotions with the readers, you get the energy you have not even thought about. While preparing the first draft of your text, keep in mind that:

  • A narrative essay is a story based on your personal experience told to the readers.
  • It can be based either on the present or past experience of the writer or people he or she knows.
  • A story should be accompanied by the lessons learned.

Initial steps to take:

  1. Identify the single event or experience.
  2. Make sure that the experience is important.
  3. Focus on meaningful details.
  4. Develop an outline.


  • Present all essay parts based on the outline.
  • Describe, analyze, and reflect.
  • Try to imagine you were a reader.
  • Be careful with minor details.


  • Take a break and get back to your writing later.
  • Ask other people to tell you what they think about your story.
  • Add the required details.
  • Remove unnecessary parts.
  • Make the order of events effective.

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