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Narrative Essay Writing

How do I create a superb narrative essay?

A good narrative essay is actually a presentation of some interesting story. It necessarily includes a detailed description of the writer's personal experiences. The key point in writing a perfect narrative essay is in the writer's ability to choose an appropriate perspective and reconsider the events or topics discussed in the paper. If you look at a superior narrative essay example, you will see that the writer has been extremely thorough and detailed reflecting on his or her personal experiences. So, if you have to write this kind of essay, be prepared to make a story that will keep the reader in tension until the very last word.

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No matter what narrative essay topics you want to discuss in your paper, make sure that your paper includes all major components of successful academic storytelling, which include:

  • Plot
  • Setting
  • Introduction
  • Climax
  • Resolution or outcome

In the introductory statement of your narrative paper inform the reader of your viewpoint and perspective. At times, narrative essays are written in the form of a book report. If that is the case, you will have to follow the same structure, although you will report the experiences described by another person.

Formatting your narrative essay

All narrative essays are to be formatted according to the following principles:

  1. You should not be afraid of using the first person, since you are narrating the story that has happened in your life and has affected you.
  2. The type of detail you include in your narrative essay should produce a strong, lasting sensual impression on the reader. Actually, emotions represent one of the central components of a good narrative paper.

You can use different ideas to write your exemplary narrative essay. You can derive these ideas from books or personal experiences. Some of the topics are provided below:

  • How I got my first job
  • How I betrayed my best friend
  • The worst day in my life
  • What motivates me to pursue ambitious life goals 

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Personal Narrative: Fear of Technology

With the advent of technology, many have applauded it as the way to go. It has no doubt has had immense influence in the way people live in the modern world. It has improved business tremendously. It has paved way for terming the world as a global village. Communication is no longer a matter of complexity, but an easy exercise that would only require an internet enabled phone or a computer connected to the internet and with the help of website providers, one is already on the global arena ready to communicate. These are but a few examples of the benefits that technology has had on the lives of humankind.
I had always been an avid supporter and follower of improved technologies until I encountered an event that nearly made me collapse. I had some amount of money in my account, and then in my mail, somebody send me some mail that purported to invite me to join some youth group. A group was to sensitize the youth on the harmful effects of drug abuse and irresponsible alcohol consumption. After reading the email, then I thought it was a noble course and, therefore, the urge for me to take part. Then, I was supposed to confirm my subscription and attendance that was scheduled on the following week, on Tuesday. Read more...

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