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Online Essay Scholarships: Win Easily and Be Successful

Online Essay Scholarships

There are always a lot of applicants willing to get a scholarship, but it is not an easy task to stand out among the others and win the main prize. You can either work on the required essays yourself or get online essay scholarships written by professional writers who know how to make the most out a simple essay. If you have a look at the essays that eventually won the prizes, you will see that it is hardly ever possible to distinguish the common features of a wining scholarship essay. Every essay is unique as the authors always have particular manner of writing and distinctive style that makes the committee interested and involved.

Thus, the main key to the success of a scholarship essay is uniqueness of a particular paper. Working on the essay, you should always keep in mind that only personalized stories are appealing and only those stories which reveal the author’s passion and interest in the subject can be approved by the readers. The individual approach always catches the eye and stands out to reveal who a real winner is.

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Having won the QS Leadership Scholarship, I have come to several conclusions about the principles of being a winner in written essay scholarships. I will ground my guidance on the speculations I have made in the process of working on my application essay.

Useful Guide to Follow

  1. Get clear understanding of the essay statement and specify the main themes you have to address.

Writing my essay, I had the following statement: ‘Tell which way you have demonstrated your innovation or leadership. Have you managed to make a difference at your work place or in your community?’ Thus, my main issues to address were ‘impact on the community’ and ‘leadership’.

  1. Study out what the main themes mean.

Having specified the main themes, you have to gain understanding of actual meaning of the ideas and not think superficially. With me, it was about the actual meaning of the concept of leadership and its impact with the taken actions taken and achieved results. I realized that it will not be sufficient to present my responsibilities and routine work. You have to bring depth to the themes you have to reveal and include bright examples that can illustrate the actual abilities you have.

  1. Add the keywords or include the synonyms to the scholarship statement keywords to your essay. 

Show to the readers that you have commitment and willingness to address the raised issues by taking the important keywords into your essay. For example, I filled my essay with references to innovation, leadership, and effects on the community throughout my text.

  1. Let the beginning of the essay be engaging.

Your essay about scholarships should demonstrate your knowledge and interest, so making it great from the very beginning will be a valuable investment in your future. Try including some provocative idea or a brilliant quote in the first paragraph and link it to the main text afterwards.

  1. Learn the criteria of evaluation applied by the scholarship committee.

I have realized that each essay has a number of specific criteria for evaluating the scholarship essays, and the essay I did had the key criteria related to community impact and leadership. I would advice to try to address the specific areas explicitly.

Scholarship Essay on Leadership: What Should be Included?

Scholarship Essay on Leadership

Aspects to Include in the Essays About Effects Produced on the Community

Have a look at good online essay scholarships and see what aspects are to be included in the essays about effects produced on the community.

  1. Time you have devoted. Indicate the tie you have dedicated to the community development activities. The committee will definitely distinguish the applicants with long-time commitment to the community.
  2. Your motivation. Why is the activity valuable for you? Do you find it enjoyable? Are you excited about something new to try? Are you trying to build new relations? Mention your actual reasons as they will make your essay more convincing.
  3. Impact for the community. Evaluate how meaningful your actions were for the community. If you have not done your work, will it make any difference? Your task is to demonstrate that you have addressed the real needs of the community.
  4. Your personal gains. Mention the benefits you have obtained because of your community activities. Show your understanding of the situation and your willingness to give and share. Make it clear what the community service brought to you personally and taught you. Demonstrate your actual gains and your eagerness to contribute more and be an active participant.

Online essay scholarships can help you understand how you can make your application more effective. The most important thing is to demonstrate who you actually are and be sincere. Always mention your background and specify the previous experience that defines your character and your ambitions. Tell about your abilities and emphasize your strengths and passions. Moreover, be careful about the language you use. It is better to sound positive and demonstrate enthusiasm. The committee will see your desire to go on, your ambition to have great achievements in the future, and your belief in yourself. They will have confidence in you if you do, will they not?

Check Out Our Free Scholarship Essay Sample

Persuasive Essay

An internship refers to a system of on-the-job training for professional careers and white-collar jobs. University and college students make up the bulk of these internships as they seek to practice what they learn in class to the real life situation. It is vital to note that internships could also be the stepping-stone for permanent and well-paid jobs at the company of service. The entire issue of internships has elicited immense debate pertaining to its authenticity and fairness to university and college students. Notably, internships are vital because they provide individuals with the opportunity to create a network of contact, they help individuals determine if they have interest in a particular career, they build one’s resume and portfolio, and they provide an opportunity for students to apply class work to the real life situation hence enhancing their experience. This essay would utilize the works of Halperin, Kirszner, and Mandell to reiterate the significance of internships in the lives of individuals. This argument is aimed at eliminating any reservations that many people hold toward internships and their advantages in the lives of participants.

This essay explicates the significance of internships in line with the points presented by Halperin, Kirszner, and Mandell. First, internships present students with a rare opportunity to create a network of contacts that would help them in the future as they ultimately seek permanent jobs. The search for a permanent job is always catapulted with whom one knows and not what one knows. It is vital for people to understand that the possession of vast skills alone do not give one a direct opportunity unless there is somebody to support that. Therefore, internships are in place to ensure that these students meet and talk to many people who would help them in the future as they come back to the company or seek opportunities in other related organizations. Kirszner and Mandell assert, “Internships are an opportunity for students to meet and know many people who would be of assistance in the future.” (Kirszner and Mandell 582). This is to emphasize the fact that internships are a stepping-stone for easier access to permanent careers after graduating from universities and colleges. The contacts created would also play an instrumental role in ensuring that students advance faster once in permanent positions in their respective organizations. The creation of contacts is always vital in cases where students deliver their duties effectively while in their respective organizations of practice. Contacts are also created through proper relations with management and other employees within the organization. Read more...

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