Our Family Christmas Traditions

Although the modern celebration of religious holidays (and holidays in general) has altered over the years, my family has managed to preserve the most sacred traditions of Christmas holiday. I must say that each family I know celebrates Christmas in a similar way. However, the Christmas mood and holiday atmosphere are unique and special in every family. Christmas bears a great importance to me – as my Mom told me, it was the first holiday that I celebrated as a child (as I was born before Christmas time). So, I have lots of pleasant memories connected with Christmas celebration – shopping before Christmas time, buying and decorating a Christmas tree, preparing Christmas dishes, and so on.

My Christmas mood appears long before the 25th of December. One day, you come out on the street and see shops and houses decorated with Christmas lights, hear Christmas music everywhere – and here it goes – you are just shining from the inside out, breathing in this special Christmas spirit, and want to make the best preparations for Christmas. Well, this day marks the true beginning of Christmas time for me.

What is really special about Christmas preparation in my family is that we do everything together – my father, mother, brother, and me. On the day of putting up the Christmas tree and decorating the house, we meticulously choose the decorations, switch on some Christmas music in the background, make some cocoa for everyone – and delve into the atmosphere of Christmas. If the weather is snowy, we like to go to the yard and play snowballs or just have fun chasing each other in the snow.

Before Christmas, my mother and I prepare delicious food. We try to make all the dishes scrumptious and special so that the whole family could enjoy them on Christmas Day.

On the very Christmas Day, we go to the church to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and share our joy with other people. We are always happy to open up presents that we have prepared for each other. We always wait for this moment with anticipation. We also visit our closest relatives and bring them presents and something tasty as well. Whenever we visit our relatives and friends, we always spend quality time together – talk, play some games outside, etc. Sometimes, we also discuss our plan for the upcoming year.

All in all, Christmas is a really special time for my family and it is my favorite holiday since childhood. The most important thing is to spend it with your family, since who wants to be all alone for Christmas?