Parent’s Depression When Kids go to College

There always happen positive and negative affairs in our life. But there are those that one can set to both categories. Among them most people who have children define going to college. Indeed, happiness cover’s parent’s mood when they realize that beloved kids are becoming adults. Moms and dads often feel depressed because of the empty house, or having nothing to fill free time with.

But the thing is that many people are unable to understand that. When you let your child to college while having a smaller one left at home, you feel kind of a relief. Now you’ve got plenty of time to devote to younger child uprising. There are less occupations but they don’t disappear at all. But that doesn’t fit everyone. Everything depends on your relationships with children, ways you interact and how deep is the connection between kids and parents.      

It’s absolutely right that such a feeling as grief is tightly connected with someone’s death or losing your beloved in any circumstances. But optionally this feeling can be devoted to other life affairs like some changes or separation. There are people who send children to college and compare their feeling of loss to feelings of those whose relatives died. Those two feelings are absolutely opposite but such comparing may appear when parents state children as the only sense of living. When kids raise up and become more independent mom or dad loses sense of living.

Each parent really loves when children are all at home. When house is noisy and filled with laughter, you feel alive. You are always sure of what you have to do next: washing, cooking, cleaning, going for a walk, meeting friends and having a chat while children are playing. But now the house seems to be empty and quiet. Of course when we meet our friends we claim our being tired of “parents work” and need a vacation. But obviously it is said to have a common topic with other parents. Each person sooner or later realizes how wonderful parenting is.

Now, while sitting in the empty kitchen with your spouse and trying to figure out what to do next, try to be creative. Try to look for your to-do list of things you wanted to try or places you wanted to visit. I mean the things that you postponed because of having kids and timetable filled up with different activities. Now it’s time for finding that list and following it from the very first step till the last one. Go on vacation, make a world trip or devote time to yourself at the seaside. Now all the doors are opened for successful parents who can easily spend time together and have a great fun. Remember the day when you first met, make a romantic dinner at the place where it happened. Be yourself and remember your college years: make something crazy and worth remembering!

Please notice! Sending children to college is not the end of life. That’s only the result of your successful parenting and a great chance for having a vacation full of new positive emotions and new impressions. Become a kid while your children are growing up. Be yourself and have fun.