Parents Moving With Their Kids to College

During college life there were many days when I really missed my parents. I had no chance to spend weekend with them and even no time to make a call. Sure, they missed me too, but clearly knew that I’ve been doing my best to get into college life to become grown up and cope with difficulties that studying process was preparing for me. Sincerely, I never even imagined such a situation of my parents moving to college with me like many parents do. Today it’s becoming like a trend for those who are not eager to let kids go. Actually rising of such trend is incredible. Excuses that parents have differ, but in most cases it’s either saving money option, or giving child convenient place for studying. I absolutely don’t get that, because all in all they are keeping kids under their roof instead of giving a chance to become an adult and make own decisions. My family has never had such thoughts and I’m thankful to them for great college years when I learned how independence looks like. Well, maybe this happened because I have a small brother and after my leaving home they became fully involved into one child’s upbringing instead of having troubles with two of us. Maybe that’s the point. When people have one child, they are busy with different sport schedules, competitions and other activities their child goes in for. But time comes for child to enter college most of moms and dads can’t imagine things to be busy with instead of child uprising. Well, there’s always an occupation. Children during freshman year really need parent’s support and help, as getting used to campus life, classes and activities requires much strengths. Think that it’s the best way of interaction between relatives during such a period of time. Moreover, summer break will come and beloved children are going to get back to mommy and daddy and spend time with them, annoying with mess in the room, unwashed dishes and many other aspects parents are struggling against=) So, dear parents, stop missing your kids, let them spoil others’  lives instead of yours=) If to talk seriously, college time is the time when your “small kids” are fighting for independence and are trying to become adults, make their own decisions and build their life. During this time you have a chance for going on a vacation or even to make a world trip, you’ve been dreaming about for so long. Surely, you’ve been in college by yourselves and learned a lot about life, got new habits and new points of view. Let your children be themselves and as a result you will get grown up people ready to live their life and bring you only positive emotions.