How to Create an A+ Personal Belief Essay?

Writing a personal belief essay dates back to 1951 when the radio pioneer Edward R. Murrow invited all Americans to write essays about their values, beliefs, and aspirations. Nowadays, This I Believe is a well-known international organization engaging people in sharing their core values in well-structured essays. In an academic setting, the students are often asked to write persuasive speeches about the things they strongly believe in. This should be something particularly significant to the student because only in such a way they will be able to develop strong arguments engaging the target audience. Usually, these speeches are not very long requiring only 450-700 words in length. However, despite the short length, they should be clear, detailed, and informative. In the following article, we will teach you how to write a personal belief essay in such a way as to get the anticipated outcome. In addition, you may always turn to our professional writers for help and an individually written custom paper.

  • Your speech should take 4-6 minutes (450-700 words);
  • Your speech should have a strong thesis (I firmly believe that…);
  • Your speech should present the story that will engage your reader;
  • Your speech should sound positive.

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Basic Guidelines

one Select a good topic and create your thesis.

There are many popular topics for a good personal beliefs essay. The list of potential topics includes but is not limited to friendship, religion, faith, family, love, compassion, courage, brotherhood, kindness, music, nature, respect, tolerance, facing challenges, broadening the horizons, self-knowledge, and many others.

To find a great topic for your essay, make sure to spend a few minutes brainstorming your ideas. Continuing the following sentences can be a good strategy:

  • The biggest challenge I have ever faced is…
  • The best person I have ever met is…
  • People do not know that I …
  • The world needs to be more…
  • I become angry when …

A great way to find a topic for your speech is to thoroughly examine your interests and activities. Once you have chosen a broad topic, try to narrow it down to create a thesis. A thesis statement in an academic essay is the main argument that expresses the writer's position on the topic. A good thesis is always arguable. For instance, “People should refuse from eating meat.” Keep in mind that your thesis statement should be linked to a narrative story presented in the paper. Before proceeding with writing your personal belief essay, show your thesis to your teacher to make sure it is good enough.

two Create an outline.

We assure you that a good outline will enable you to organize the writing process perfectly. An outline is a short plan of your essay that includes all the ideas and arguments that will be included in the speech.

three Write a rough draft of your speech.

When you already know what should be written in your paper, it is time to start creating your rough draft.

  • Start with a strong introduction. In a This I Believe essay, the introduction is the most important part since it helps the writer make an impression on the reader;
  • Do not overburden your speech with irrelevant details;
  • Always be positive. Do not show how good you are by demeaning other people. Try to build your storytelling about what you believe instead of what you do not believe;
  • Make this essay sound personal. What makes your personal belief essay different from others, is that it should be written about you, your values, beliefs, and aspirations.

four Edit your paper.

When your personal belief essay is written, do not hurry up to submit it. To bring you the anticipated outcome, your written work should be polished to perfection. The best way to edit your speech is to read it out loud. This technique will help you find out all the logical flaws, as well as mechanical mistakes, and fix them. Make sure to rewrite all the awkward, wordy, or run-on sentences and enhance the overall quality of the flow of your paper. Of course, you may use automatic checkers like Grammarly to proofread your essay, but keep in mind that only the manual check can bring the best result. You may show your speech to your friend with perfect English literacy and fix your essay based on their recommendations. Also, solid online writing platforms offer students professional editing and proofreading services. This is the easiest and the most reliable way to make sure that the document you created is perfect in every way.

five Prepare a speech.

In some cases, you will need to record audio along with your speech. The best way to do that is to use Adobe Spark Video to match your text with good visuals. Below, you will find a plan that will help you make your record rather effortlessly:

  1. Download the Adobe Spark Video app and pass the registration in order to get a free account;
  2. Create a new project;
  3. Record a few first sentences on the first slide. Keep in mind that one slide should take approximately ten to twelve seconds;
  4. If everything goes well, move to the next slide and record the next few sentences;
  5. Repeat the procedure many times until you record the whole speech;
  6. When the speech is recorded, go back and add relevant images into each slide as it will make your speech more interesting for your reader;
  7. Watch your video and check if everything is in its place;
  8. Download the video.

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Effective Tips that Will Help You Write an Amazing Personal Belief Essay

Remember that your personal belief essay is your chance to tell your audience about you, your fears, your hesitations, and your values.

  • Each person is unique and original. Therefore, by copy-pasting your paper from the web, you will not be able to express your identity. Moreover, being accused of plagiarism, you will probably get a zero.
  • Be brief. We assure you that overburdening your speech with irrelevant details, you will only make your reader bored. Just write what comes naturally.
  • Be personal. Make your essay sound personal. Unlike other styles of academic writing, such an essay accepts using the first person. However, you should be very careful using phrases like “I” or “In my opinion.”
  • Be very careful about your topic. The more interesting the topic you choose, the better result you get. Thus, we recommend that you spend some time thinking about what makes you different from your peers. After gaining this understanding, do not hesitate to develop it into a well-structured essay.
  • If you have no idea how to write a belief essay, try to find good examples. Having no sufficient experience, you will find it rather difficult to write your personal belief essay. Therefore, we highly recommend you to find a great belief essay example that will serve as your source of inspiration. Learning from This I Believe samples, you will understand how to choose the right tone and voice for your essay, as well as how to organize your ideas properly. Note that if you choose to buy an essay from a professional writer, you will get not only a brilliant paper but a perfect sample to use in the future.
  • Be emotional and passionate. Do not try to cheat your readers.

We assure you that writing a personal belief essay may bring a lot of fun and pleasure. To cope with the task well, you need to forget about procrastination and avoid all distractions. Be honest with your audience and the result will exceed your expectations! Follow the tips and suggestions provided by our writers in this article, and you will enjoy the writing process.

If you are still unsure of how to write a belief statement, do not hesitate to contact a professional writer. It is logical to do everything possible to protect your academic reputation and get high grades.

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