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Persuasive Essay Writing

How to write a persuasive essay

A persuasive essay is that, which implies the need for the writer to make a compelling argument and convince the reader that it correct. This is why it is so important for every student to know how to gather evidence, build an argument and persuade the audience effectively.

Formatting a Persuasive Essay

Look at a good persuasive essay example, and you will see that it is formatted in the following way:

  1. It is based on a thorough analysis of literature
  2. It employs a logical and consistent argument
  3. It incorporates rich evidence derived from credible sources
  4. It uses quality facts to persuade the reader
  5. It is supported by effective reasoning
  6. It uses facts that can be easily checked and verified

Whatever persuasive essay topics you decide to choose, it is always important to start with the analysis of the topic. Then, the most credible facts should be collected to create a basis for effective persuasion and argument. Use those facts, which sound the most appealing to the target audience.

Structuring your persuasive essay

Begin with an introduction. Here, provide some background information, followed by a thesis. The purpose of introductions in all persuasive essays is to capture readers' attention. A good introductory passage introduces the meaning and importance of the argument presented in the paper.

Then come the body paragraphs, in which writers expand on the key points introduced in the first paragraph. Every body paragraph should be devoted to the analysis of one point. A topic sentence should be followed by evidence and a brief analysis of facts as related to the argument.

At the end, a conclusion is needed to summarize and wrap up the central idea of the paper. An ideal persuasive essay incorporates numerous facts that leave no room for disagreement. Choose any topic that you like, such as

  • Abortion
  • Gender equality
  • Human rights
  • Poverty and others. 
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