Pet Sematary: Film Review

Pet Sematary is a novel-based horror film shot in 1989. As always, Stephen King managed to create a thrilling and captivating story that impressed millions of people around the world. The movie created on a basis of the book was a bright example of how a horror movie should look like. However, as time goes by, fans demand from the directors to create better, scarier and more up-to-date remakes of the well-known films. Per Sematary is not an exception. Recently, a trailer of a new movie was released, and it seems to be very promising!

Pet Sematary: Film Review

What Should We Know about a Pet Sematary Remake before Going to See it in the Theaters in April?

Considering the extent to which technologies in cinema industry have developed since 1989, it can be assumed that the new movie will be even darker and horrifying than the old one. The movie is based on the well-known story of a family experiencing a loss, which, eventually, leads to even more horrible events. However, as we can see from the trailer, some new characters will be presented in the movie, which makes the story less predictable and adds new elements to it. 

A new movie created by talented Dennis Widmyer and Kevin Kölsch is going to open the theme of supernatural power of a burial ground to the fullest extent. However, even knowing the plot of a book and having seen the original movie, it is difficult to predict what twists the story can take. Nevertheless, the central theme seems to remain the same: no matter how hard you try, you cannot escape evil. It will find you anywhere and the family of Doctor Louis is going to experience it in the nearest future.

One of the peculiar features of a new Pet Samatary movie is that, most probably, it will feature Pet Sematary Wendigo, which is a mystique and popular character among horror genre lovers. There are a couple of other key differences from the original movie that one can see in the trailer. One of the most evident ones is switching which child dies and then returns. It is a serious change but, most probably, in such a way, the director tried to address the question of life and death to the greater extent. We should hope that such a change will not influence the movie negatively but, on the contrary, will add value to the story.

The other interesting theme of Pat Sematery is a confrontation of a Doctor, a servant of science, with something that cannot be explained logically. Paranormal and inexplicable atmosphere of the movie is what is going to create the desired impression on the viewers. Besides, a brilliant cast revealed in the trailer will make a movie a pleasure to watch.

For example, Jason Clarke has already proved his talent as an actor many times in such movies as, for example, Everest, Terminator: Genisys, etc. This time, the actor will have a difficult task of performing not only a doctor who tries to understand something that exist beyond human perception but also a father who is torn apart by a horrible event in his family: death of a loved child. At the same time, Amy Seimetz known for the films Alien Covenant, My Days of Mercy, etc. will also share the grief with her husband even though she is going to perform a supportive role. The tandem of two actors will help to recapture the atmosphere of doom and despair to the fullest and will definitely allow nobody to stay indifferent.

The role of Jud Crandall will be played by John Lithgow and will probably be given more attention than in the old version of the movie. In tandem with Dr. Louis, they will have to face the darkness of this world and fight against the evil that threatens their lives and the lives of the ones they hold dear. Without doubt, considering rich experience in film industry, it can be expected that John Lithgow will add colors to his character and will make a good impression.

The new way the directors are going to show the movie seems to be exciting and quite entertaining. It is not a secret that horror movies cannot remain the same for a long time to stay competitive (at least not all of them). For this reason, the experiment of Widmyer and Kölsch will definitely give a new life to the story of legendary Stephen King. So, it is high time to get yourself a book to refresh the old story in the memory before going to the theatre in April 2019. It will definitely be a great and terrifying experience everyone is going to like.

Final Statement

Considering what we already know about the film and what we may find out from the movie trailer available online, we can assume that it is going to be an interesting and frightening film and a real treasure for the fans of horror genre. The new features added to the movie will most probably make it even better than we can expect. So, if you are ready to go to the hell and back with the main movie characters, Per Sematary is the best choice for you!