Productivity Apps

Nowadays, youngsters cannot imagine their everyday life without a smartphone. We keep most of our private and work-related information on our mobile devices. At the same time, a phone is a huge time-eating machine, with all of the Internet capacity right in our pockets, and thousands of apps ready to be opened and used. Not all apps are meant to distract us from important parts of our lives, though. Here are some productivity tools designed for procrastination help and time management.

A suite of productivity apps by Google

Apps by Google help organize our lives. There’s no way of arguing against the fact that Google greatly influences our online behavior and lifestyle. Google Calendar is one of the most useful apps. It allows you to use calendar services on the go, schedule various events and meetings. Google Drive is another instrument that assists in diminishing everyday procrastination by simplifying the collaboration process with your colleagues or fellow students.

Microsoft OneNote

This service by Microsoft can help take and organize notes with the help of various notebooks and tags. Numerous ways of sorting, customized search, and integration into software systems and programs make the app amazing. The app is available on most platforms, so you can always take your notes on the go. You can make screenshots and photos of course materials and use them afterwards to prepare for an exam or a quiz. 


This app is designed to be your assistant in developing good habits and organizing regular tasks. The repeating schedules can be fully customized to fit your needs – whether on a weekly, monthly, daily basis or some combination of those. The interface of this software is based on an RPG context. You operate the main hero, who gains experience and points by completing tasks and so on.


The app-game is based on the concept of fear of causing death. It is perfect for sensitive individuals since the main aim of the app is to keep you away from your phone – the less you use your smartphone, the faster the tree grows. If you fail to avoid your phone for a certain time (previously specified by you), it will slowly start dying.


The app is very simple and manages one big important task – the transfer of phone notifications to your laptop. This is very neat as you can reply to messages straight from your computer without having to switch devices. It is a good way of diminishing procrastination effects on your productivity.