Professional Exploratory Essay Writing: Format, Structure, Example

The process of exploratory essay writing is unique and doesn't have much in common with crafting other types of essays. In the majority of academic texts, the author aims to convince the readers that his or her thesis statement is correct and valid. Meanwhile, in an exploratory paper, the learner aims to detect the problem and to grope some raw conclusions on how it might be addressed. To a certain extent, this work is ruminative and speculative.

Why one might want to assign such a strange task? The importance of this written task is linked to its nature. This paper looks back at the student’s writing and thinking processes as he or she was working on a problem. Thus, to complete this assignment, you have to describe when, where, how, and why a certain type of research was completed. You should be maximally introspective. To turn in a good paper you should think of your own thinking process.

Thus, professors often assign exploratory projects to check how students work through problems that call for writing and research. But what if one is only in a process of acquiring the skills needed to write such a paper? Our team of professional writers has provided professional exploratory essay writing tips for you to be able to get good grades for this assignment. Also, you can always ask our writers for help.

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How Do I Write a Perfect Exploratory Essay?

As you already know, an exploratory essay is different from all other types of academic paper writing. Whatever exploratory essay topics you choose, you will have to delve into the subject, explore it from numerous different perspectives, and learn something new about it. Your task will be to share the results of your investigations and observations with your readers. Moreover, you will have to present your findings in such a way that enables your reader to trace the progress and logic of your exploratory work. This is not easy, so do not feel bad to ask a professional writer for help.

It is not uncommon for an exploratory paper to have "no end". It means that you begin the process of exploration and analysis and suggest that your readers continue it. You can see dozens of memorable exploratory essay examples, in which researchers use deductive thinking to arrive at surprising conclusions. Remember that in this paper, you should treat the subject as a whole rather than focus on its separate characteristics.

Structure your essay properly

You cannot produce an unmatched exploratory essay if you fail to structure it properly. Thus, make sure that:

  • there is no thesis statement since you do not know the results your exploration will have;
  • the paper follows logically the progression of your ideas and thoughts on the subject;
  • the paper persuades the reader that the subject has been explored in its complexity, without missing any important aspects;
  • The paper sets clear and comprehensible research questions and derives answers from observable facts and credible data.

Develop a good outline

Do not underestimate the value of a coherent exploratory paper outline. Its purpose is to highlight the most important aspects of your exploration and lay the foundation for making your paper logical, well-structured, and systematic. Spend enough time to develop a wonderful outline. It will save your time on writing!

Present a good introductory paragraph

First, highlight the problem that you chose to explore. Explain its importance. Next, in a few sentences, speculate about some possible causes of the issue. Tell your reader who is involved with this issue; offer possible solutions. Here you should also mention the sources you used in your exploration.

Describe the entire process in the body

What was your inquiry process? How did you research the issue/problem? Use one paragraph to write about one source that you used. Provide its name and the author, the date it was published, and the publishing firm. Explain why you decided that it is valuable for your exploration. Then, present important data found in this source. How did this info help you to explore and explain the problem? Be introspective. Explain how this information helped you to think differently about the issue. Maybe it even led you in a new direction. Such an explanation will serve as a transition to the next source/paragraph. In your next paragraph, discuss another source.

Summarize the main info in your final section

To a certain extent, your conclusion will resemble your introduction. Here, you should restate the chosen issue, list several possible causes, mention people and institutions involved. It is important to provide some possible solutions the same way you did it in your introduction. It is likely that you will still have some questions pertaining to the problem. Present these questions in your conclusion. Explain what makes you pose these questions. Write about the possible sources that might provide you with answers. Think about the other forms of research that may be helpful here.

As you can see, exploratory essay writing can become a tricky task. Still, following the exploratory essay outline provided by our custom writers, you will be able to create an interesting, comprehensible, and attention-worthy paper.

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Follow exploratory essay format

All exploratory papers should be properly formatted. Pay attention to the citation and referencing format your professor is asking you to use. This can be anything from MLA and APA to Oxford and AMA. Check the basic rules of formatting and citing the sources and follow them consistently. Include a title page, and a list of references or works cited page. Every article or book that you cite and discuss in the body of your exploratory paper should be included in your reference list.

Exploratory Essay Example

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Follow Topics and Ideas for an Amazing Exploratory Paper

You can choose any topic to write your exploratory essay. However, do not limit yourself to a thesis statement. Remember that exploratory essay writing gives you some freedom of thought and analysis. Thus, just follow the logic of exploration, discover new things and ideas, and translate them into academic writing. Your task here is to learn and share the results with your readers. You cannot know what will happen in the end. The process is what actually matters in exploratory essay writing. So, choose a topic that fascinates you or opens new opportunities for exploration and analysis.

If you want to impress your tutor with your exploratory essay writing skills, we advise you to check the exploratory essay topic ideas provided in the list below:

  • Can childless and single individuals be good parents for adopted children?
  • The relations between the adopted and genetic children in the family: friends or enemies?
  • Mothers as the main educators of the children: pros and cons.
  • The influence of religion on family life and child-rearing.
  • The role of grandparents in raising children.
  • Is a vegan diet good for your body?
  • The best diet that keeps you healthy.
  • Should clothing stores use super skinny models?
  • Effects of late marriage.
  • Pros and cons of early marriage.
  • The roots of a child’s bad behavior: genetics or poor upbringing?
  • The danger that GM foods pose to the human body.
  • The drawbacks of using digital textbooks and pads in schools.
  • Does coffee help students concentrate better?
  • A superpower state in the near future: China or the United States?
  • The role of fast-food chains in adolescent obesity.
  • Are printed books dying?
  • Are we becoming less creative as technology advances?
  • Should homosexuality be prosecuted or legalized?
  • Should graffiti be considered art?

If you cannot choose a theme from our list of exploratory essay topics, turn to our professional writers for help. They will be happy to assist you!

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