Professional Exploratory Essay Writing: Format, Structure, Example

How do I write a perfect exploratory essay?

An exploratory essay is different from all other types of academic paper writing. The secret of writing a successful exploratory paper is in having a strong, definite position on the subject or topic you are going to discuss. Your conclusion will bring together the results of your exploration. Whatever exploratory essay topics you choose, you will have to delve into the subject, explore it from numerous different perspectives, and learn something new about it. Your task will be to share the results of your investigations and observations with your readers. Moreover, you will have to present your findings in such a way that enables your reader to trace the progress and logic of your exploratory work. This is not easy, so do not feel bad to ask someone professional for help.

It is not uncommon for an exploratory essay to have "no end". It means that you begin the process of exploration and analysis and suggest that your readers continue it. You can see dozens of memorable exploratory essay examples, in which researchers use deductive thinking to arrive at surprising conclusions. In your exploratory essay, you will have to treat the subject as a whole rather than focus on its separate characteristics.

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Structure your exploratory essay properly

You cannot produce an unmatched exploratory essay if you fail to structure it properly. Thus,

  • There will not be any thesis statement, since you do not know to what results your exploration will lead
  • The paper follows logically the progression of your ideas and thoughts on the subject
  • The paper persuades the reader that the subject has been explored in its complexity, without missing anything important
  • The paper sets clear and comprehensible research questions and derives answers from observable facts and credible data

Develop a good outline

Do not underestimate the value of a coherent exploratory paper outline. Its purpose is to highlight the most important aspects of your pay and lay the foundation for making your paper logical, well structured, and systematic. Spend enough time to develop a wonderful outline. It will save your time on writing!

Follow exploratory essay format

All exploratory papers should be properly formatted. Pay attention to the citation and referencing format your professor is asking to use. This can be anything from MLA and APA to Oxford and AMA. Check the basic rules of formatting and style and follow the consistently. Include a title page, an introduction, body paragraphs, a conclusion, and a list of references or a works cited page.

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Exploratory Essay Example

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Exploratory Essay: Development of Academic Audience

This is an exploratory essay on how academic audiences develop. In a learning environment it is essential for the students to enhance their audience development throughout the learning processes. The tone and styles on how the students need to develop their audience skills differ on the mode of study. There is class based training and online courses / distance learning which the students are meant to read the learning materials from the website or they are set to them as printed instructions.

The main aim objectives of developing the audience of the students are to broaden participation. Unlike other type of audience which is one way means of communication as in a conference. The students are encouraged to participate by asking questions and clarifications in areas which they did not understand and they also contribute in to the training which makes them understand even better. The other reason is to increase concentration as they are being taught and such increase on concentrations would make be able to grasp more.

For online courses the materials which are placed online should be well organized and easy to be accessed by the students and other resource people in the academic fraternity to encourage them to read through. Audience participations could be done by having weekly discussions based on the materials which are meant to be read that week. With such participations there will be enough audience development. Diversification of participation is another form of audience development in which the audience will be required to change point of view on how they listen to what they are being taught such could be achieved through changing the point of view and involve the audience in group discussions. Groups improve on development of audience as those who are shy to participate when in class they can make their contributions when they are in smaller group.

Topics and ideas for an amazing exploratory paper

You can choose any topic to write your exploratory essay. However, do not limit yourself to a thesis statement. Remember that exploratory essay writing gives you some freedom of thought and analysis. Thus, just follow the logic of exploration, discover new things and ideas, and translate them into academic writing. Your task here is to learn and share the results with your readers. You cannot know what will happen at the end. The process is what actually matters in exploratory essay writing. So, choose a topic that fascinates you or opens new opportunities for exploration and analysis. If you feel that you cannot choose a suitable topic for your exploratory essay, we will be happy to help!

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