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Questions and Answers Assessment Format

Getting a degree was never an easy task. In the past people had limited access to information, so requirements might not have been met. However now, when the Internet can connect you with virtually any library or scholarly source of information, the demand towards students writing and academic assignments are unbelievably anfractuous and complex. No wonder many students are not only afraid of writing but may experience an exited and panic attacks having to deal even with the simple form of tests, like questions and answers.

Write Questions for the Answers Given

Usually, when you have to answer a question, you try to remember everything you can know about the subject and find the most suitable piece of information that satisfies the question. However, what should one do if they have to answer 50, 75 or even 150 questions in the short period of time, making sure their answers are both correct and plagiarism free (if you have to provide a comprehensive answer).

While many students are embarrassed or scared to request professional assistance, we would like to remind you that it is much better to ask for help than fail the whole course. Here are some of the questions, our clients have asked prior to working with us or while requesting a questions-answers assistance for their college or university courses. If you have any other solved questions, please check our FAQ page or contact our support team representatives.


  • Could you please answer the question for my Business class that is related to both security and e-commerce?

    Yes, we can find a writer who can prepare an essay, discussion post or a long answer to the question you were given. Make sure you choose the Business and Economics as your subject and add the title of the topic you have to cover.

  • If I need an answer on my question formatted according to the CBE standards, can you do it?

    Our writers can work with any of the international formatting styles or format your paper according to the specific instructions you provide.

  • Can you answer my question based on the weekly reading I had to do?

    Sure, just make sure to upload the files you had to cover and our writers will take care of the rest. If you have a paper textbook you could either scan or simply take a picture of the pages you need for your answers.

  • Can you answer a question I have to add as theoretical background for my research project?

    If you have a single question that you need to answer, this would fall into essay or research paper section. For more detailed information, please contact our support team so they could provide you with exact requirements and step-by-step instructions. If you have any calculations you have to provide as well, you may be asked to place an extra order requesting Excel calculations along with the answer to your question.

  • What will be the question and answer format I will receive from you?

    If you have no additional instructions or demand after your writer will finish their work you will receive an MS word file with all questions and answer (double-spaced, 12 pt font). If you need any other file format or would like to have another formatting, feel free to include this in your instructions.

Question and Answer Format Essay

In some rare cases, students may be asked to provide their answers to the course questions in the form of an essay. In this case, you will have to place an order for a regular essay and attach the questions as .pdf or .doc file (if you don't have those files, simply take a picture of the printed source and attach it to the order) and provide any additional instructions.

Many students have troubles answering a lot of questions at the same time. Recently we had an order for covering over 200 questions as a part of an online assessment for a Master's degree. Can you imagine covering that many topics simultaneously and still having to deal with many more things? We had to ding the second writer to work on this order to satisfy the needs of our client, as your satisfaction is our top priority. Having over 15 years of experience in the online writing market, we can proudly say that we are capable of providing answers for your questions that will satisfy even the most demanding professor of instructor

If you decide to place your order with, choose a 'Questions-Answers' type of the assignment. Once you do this, you will be asked to provide additional information considering this order, such as: subject or discipline, number of pages required (that can be easily calculated by dividing the number of questions by 5, or in case of detailed answer 300 equal 1 page) and the title (so we can choose the writer that is more seasoned in the required field). You can also request an extended deadline if you would like to have an extra guarantee that you will be able to have your paper revised in case any changes are needed.

If you have ordered from and have a writer that satisfied your needs and whom would you like to choose for this order as well, you can use 'Preferred writer option' in order to request the same writer working with you. You will be charged additional 15% that will go directly to your writer as a sign of your appreciation and loyalty.

And by the way, have you ever thought what is the correct form, 'Answer my question or answer to my question'? I mean if you have to e-mail your instructor, you would probably need to make no mistakes, right?

So let us show you the difference using an example:

'I was trying to answer my question, when I realized...' (answer is a verb)


'Should the answer to my question be ...' (answer is a noun)

Good luck with your assessments and do not forget to contact BestWritingService.comif you are in trouble!

Question and Answer Examples

  1. What two developments contributed to the emergence of the Internet as an electronic commerce infrastructure?

There are developments that contributed towards the emergence of internet as an e-commerce infrastructure. In 1989 as well as about two decades ago in 1995, national Science foundation (NSF) allowed two companies to start electronic connections through internet. In 1995, the Congress sought to have internet privatization. Immediately after internet privatization, internet access providers sold access as to numerous Internet Service Providers (ISPs) as possible. Consequently, this spawned hundreds of thousands of hosts to create an expansive market especially for electronic commerce firms (Sookman, 2001).

The emergence of commerce was equally heralded by emergence of the internet where the need to carry out online communications was realized. The then-existing transport barriers could be bridged through electronic commerce. Furthermore, people could easily communicate with one another on a real time basis. The emergence of online payment methods made electronic a possibility. Shopping online was inculcated in the lives of many people as a result. Again, electronic commerce enabled people to bridge the time gaps between them. Telecommuting necessitated the development of e-commerce further capitalizing on the existing e-commerce infrastructure.

  1. What are transaction costs and why are they important?

Transaction cost is sum total of every cost that a seller and buyer incurs while gathering information as well as negotiating purchase-sale transactions. Economic exchanges involve transaction costs resulting from market participation. Information and search costs are transactions costs in determination of goods available in the market at a low price. Again, there are bargaining costs involved before both parties reach an acceptable position. In order to ensure that parties stick to the contract, enforcement and policing costs are involved enabling a party to take appropriate action through legal systems. The actions by market participants yield transaction costs (Groenewegen, 1996).

Institutions like franchises, markets, and firms seek to minimize distribution and production transaction costs of particular goods and services. Transactions costs thus arise from institutions existence. Such institutional costs exclude an organization's internal costs. This is because price mechanism yields transaction costs (Sookman, 2001). Market trading involves incurrence of transaction costs. Opportunistic behavior, limited rationality, specificity, uncertainty, and frequency determine transaction costs. Such costs are important since they explain the behavior of market participants. Therefore, transaction costs involve the sum total of costs that sellers and buyers incur in gathering information as well negotiation of purchase sales transaction. Reduction of transaction costs related to efficiency, timing, and quality of Information Technology (IT) increase operating results and competitive advantage.

  1. How might electronic commerce help change an industry's economic structure from a hierarchy to a network?

Electronic commerce can help in changing the economic structure of an industry to a network from a hierarchy. High transaction costs make concentrated hierarchies decrease unit cost. Taking advantage of economies of scale and specialization, such concentrated hierarchies effectively decrease the accruing unit costs. Economic structures, which are networked coupled with IT in coordination of their strategies, skills, and resources can achieve great economic efficiencies through taking business activities into market places. Closer cooperation between customers and firms reduce the arising transaction costs.

Through effective communication, electronic commerce can assist in changing the economic structure of an industry to a network from a hierarchy. Previously, instructions and answers were often confusing, slow, and linear through vertical communication. Electronic commerce facilitates lateral communication by spreading information to and from all sides through an elaborate instant communication strategy. Deals are speeded up to give inter-corporate interface an edge through distance conferencing. This makes communication less expensive, faster, and smoother in a network economic structure as opposed to a hierarchical economic structure.

Formations of hierarchical organizations replace the market-negotiated transactions. it also entails worker monitoring and strong supervision elements. E-commerce can change both the attractiveness of vertical integration and transaction costs' nature and level. Network economic structures are neither hierarchy nor market economic structures. E-commerce would help in coordination of skill sets, resources, and strategies. Again, formation of stable and long-term relations with other individuals and companies may also come in handy. Network organizations incorporate information-intensive technology.

  1. How might a manager use an industry value chain to identify new applications for electronic commerce?

There are ways through which managers can use the value chain of an industry in order to establish newfangled applications for e-commerce. Value chain facilitates the organization of business unit actions to produce, design, and market, promote, support, and deliver the products and services. Managers can employ supporting activities to enhance purchase and personnel management. Further, identification of customers, purchase supplies and materials, design, creation of service, manufacture of products are primary activities essential in a value chain for managers. Value chains occur at industry and business unit levels (Porter, 1985).

Value chain activities will enable the firm deliver valuable products in the market. Managers to engender proper competitive procedures related to sales and marketing, outbound logistics, operations, and inbound logistics as the primary activities. Further, infrastructural and technological development, procurement, and personnel management as secondary activities are essential in trade. Value chains add value to products and thus the manager should endeavor to capitalize on this for higher profits. Towards this end, shipping and distribution of products sold through online shops should be a concern for any manager who is interested in value chain addition of value to business practices and activities. Employees should be managed properly to harness the maximum potential.

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