Reasons BBC’s ‘Luther’ Is The Next Show You Should Marathon

Sometimes we get lucky enough to stumble upon a TV show that reminds us that television still lives and it can offer us something good. One of such shows is Luther. In this series, you can see the combination of all the best things about television. There are brilliant actors who play their roles perfectly; there is a good portion of drama inherent in crime procedurals, and its production is just wonderful! The main character, Luther, is played by Idris Elba. He is an erratic man, who doesn't stop surprising the audience with his actions. And, needless to say, the audience loves this!

The first season of Luther was out in 2010 and had six 60-minute-long episodes. In the following year, we were happy to see the second season, and then we had to wait till the year 2013 to watch the third one, and till 2015 to enjoy the fourth one. Now, all fans of the show are thrilled because the fifth season will be filmed in 2018. However, even though Luther totally deserves to be a super-popular show, it is still not as famous as some other shows offered by BBC. For this reason, we are going to share the reasons to binge-watch this amazing show for those who have never watched it, or have not even heard of it!

The 8 solid reasons to watch 'Luther'

Idris Elba

This actor's performance in the show is incredible. Do you want a proof? Then you should know that Elba was nominated for a Golden Globe for every season of the show and he received this award for the second season. Anything else you need to know?

Alice Morgan

This character is played by Ruth Wilson – a talented and beautiful actress. Alice is a sociopath and a serial killer, who finishes off her entire family in the first episode of the show. (No, it is not a spoiler.) This character is the complete opposite of Luther, but at the same time, she manages to call for his inner demons and dark impulses living inside his soul. It is noteworthy that female serial murderers are very rare both in TV shows and in real life, which makes this character even more interesting. She is a really unusual woman, who, despite lacking sympathy toward others, draws the attention of the audience. Fans of the show like watching her and observing the sexual tension between her and Luther.

Thick Cockney Accents

Since the show is set in London and most of it touches the underground crime scene of the city, you get to hear the Cockney dialect every now and then. First of all, it is very interesting to hear that. And second of all, it is even more interesting to see if you are going to pick up any of this peculiar pronunciation. If you do, it will be a sign that you are completely engaged with the series, which is great!


In this show, dialogues are precious. I am talking both about the way the characters are pronouncing their lines and about the words they are using. Most of the dialogues you are going to hear in Luther are efficient, concise and delicate. That is what I can tell. When you watch it, you can come up with as many flattering adjectives as you want. I think that they all will be suitable for the show. I am not going to spoil your appetite and give you any dialogues here – just watch the show and see it for yourself!

Massive Attack Theme Song

Do you remember the soundtrack from House, M.D.? Well, if you do, you also remember how great it was. So in Luther, it is as good as that one.

The Whole Soundtrack

A number of famous bands and singers make appearances in Luther and give their songs as soundtracks that sound just awesome. From Sia to Marilyn Manson, from Radiohead to Van Morrison – these soundtracks will certainly break your heart! Be sure to listen to them instead of skipping the credits.


In Luther, you are going to see a number of cinematographic tricks that will blow your mind. You will see the characters from the most surprising angles. You will watch the shots of the landscapes of London as well as those of the urban grunge. The shots will vary from incredibly wide ones to those looking at the characters' faces extremely closely. I am going to tell you only about one scene here. In the first episode, Alice Morgan is sitting at the computer and we can see her face refracted in the window with just a little light. But even in this scene, you can see her eyes and guess the expression on her face. Amazing!

Perverse Humor

Of course, Luther and Alice are a very unusual couple, and this is just part of the fun! Start watching the show and you are going to see the rest!

In fact, there are many other reasons to start watching Luther right now. And it is better to grasp all four seasons at once as there are only 16 episodes overall. So are you ready to spend your next weekend with pleasure by binge-watching this great show and getting ready for the fifth season?