Reasons To Rewatch Grey's Anatomy

Grey's Anatomy has been on the air for over a decade. Starting right from its pilot, the show got high ratings and earned enthusiastic reviews from both critics and viewers. Later, Grey's Anatomy received 4 Primetime Emmy Rewards. Thus, Grey's Anatomy turned into a show loved by millions all over the world. This show had 14 seasons and 295 episodes where we could observe the everyday life of doctors and nurses and see how they do their job. And even though you are a huge fan of Grey's Anatomy and have seen all the seasons, there is no way you remember everything from there. There were so many plot twists, interesting events, guest stars and unusual cases – you must have forgotten at least some of them. And there is no better way to check it than to rewatch the entire series once again! Yes, this is a lot, but it is totally worth it! By doing this, you will refresh your memories of the show and prepare yourself to watching the new season.

If you are still not sure, we will remind you what is so great about Grey's Anatomy. Then keep on reading!

12 reasons to rewatch the show

  1. Change of the look. Just watch the first episode of the show and you will see what I mean. It is not only about the way the characters looked and dressed. It is also about the way the entire show was made. The whole look was kind of low-budget. It is very different to the glossy and professional-looking aesthetics we see in the last seasons Grey's Anatomy.
  2. Changes in the characters. Rewatching the first seasons of Grey's Anatomy you will feel like you came back to high school. You have known these people for so long, but you have forgotten them. And now, you recall who they are and see how they have changed.
  3. Complicated relationships. There is everything – from elevator make outs to hookups, from proposals to tears. People we have never expected to be together start dating and some of the pairings become infamous. You will see it all!
  4. We saw all of them as interns. It is great that all the characters we love so much in Grey's Anatomy have become professionals in their fields. And if you go back and watch how they were beginning their ways and striving to prove that they are good specialists, you will get a special feeling.
  5. Insane cases. Do you remember the boy who was trapped in the hardening cement? Can you recall the man who liked to swallow doll heads? What about the cancer patient whose blood was toxic? Anything about the man who turned out to be pregnant and a woman who experienced spontaneous orgasms? There is no way you can remember all the weird cases from Grey's Anatomy. So better go and give the show another watch!
  6. Disasters. There have been a lot of disasters in Grey's Anatomy, as well. In one episode, they found a bomb in a patient's body, in another one a shooter went loose in the hospital. If you liked these heart-pounding episodes, you will certainly like them if you watch them again.
  7. A different voiceover. Do you remember that initially Meredith's voiceovers were supposed to be her conversations with her mother suffering from Alzheimer's disease? Or is your mind blown away by this fact right now? Either way, you will love to hear these voiceovers once more.
  8. Guest stars. Most likely, you have forgotten that these people have been on Grey's Anatomy. For example, do you remember Demi Lovato, Seth Green, Mandy Moore, Bernadette Peters, or Kyle Chandler? Or a bunch of actors you did not even know at the time? No? Then you know what to do.
  9. The "Mc"s. Oh, all these McVet, McDreamy, McSteamy... We want them back so bad! Even though they will not come back to the series, at least, we can come back ourselves and hear them again.
  10. The music. At every major even of Grey's Anatomy, we could hear a wonderful soundtrack. Most of them were sad, but all of them were just beautiful. The soundtrack created iconic moments, highlighted the mood of the scene and helped the characters become memorable for everyone who watched the show.
  11. Old title sequence. Do you remember that in the first seasons, Grey's Anatomy had a title sequence? Most likely, you do not. And even if you do, you will enjoy seeing it again. Using a black title card as a vignette, a number of things were shown in this sequence, from scalpels and scrubs to eyelash curlers and cocktails dresses. In these 30 seconds, you can see all the themes revealed in the show. Isn't it great?
  12. The deaths. Of course, you will be devastated to see your favorite characters dying again. The fact that you have already seen this does not make you indifferent to the character, right? But still, watching the show again, you can enjoy looking at these characters while they are still alive.

So are you ready to binge-rewatching Grey's Anatomy, starting from this weekend?