Reasons to Watch Designated Survivor

Have you ever thought about the following situation: “The unexpected and devastating terrorist attack wipes out the US Capitol building together with the President, the Cabinet members, and every person in the line of succession to the presidency. The sole person left to rule the country is the average politician, the secretary of housing, and urban development Tom Kirkman (Kiefer Sutherland). Under the extraordinary circumstances, he becomes a “designated survivor” and the most powerful political leader the whole country needs right now. What does the nation expect, what changes will be made, is it possible to alter the system in the new President’s way?” David Guggenheim, the creator of Designated Survivor, gives answers to all the questions as well as provides the viewers with the dynamic, full of action drama and conspiracy series. Read the other reasons that will make you interested in watching a political drama Designated Survivor on Netflix.

Kiefer Sutherland in the role of the President

Did you miss Kiefer Sutherland on the screen since his part in 24 as an action hero Jack Bauer? Well, Designated Survivor is another premise where Sutherland plays a HUD secretary Tom Kirkman, who becomes the POTUS attempting to find the bombers of the US Capitol building during the State of the Union. We observe how at first indecisive but honest and responsible, President Kirkman is ready to stand in charge in a time of crisis of the entire nation. His thoughtful consideration helps Kirkman’s personage to cope with the unknown world he is catapulted into and explore the terror threat which hangs over the country and his family.

Without doubt, Kiefer Sutherland (Tom Kirkman) is a perfect candidacy for the role of the POTUS and his riveting performance will conquer your hearts and make you look forward to watching new episodes.

DS comprises three interconnected lines

Designated Survivor shouldn’t be accepted as a one-side drama based on certain political issues. On the contrary, the show impresses with its diversity and story lines. The major attention is devoted to the efforts to rebuild the government and the new President’s ability to cope with his hard mission, steps he takes, and ways he looks for to govern. Another important story line concerns the family relationships of the Kirkmans, which became more tense and hazardous because of the sudden changes the US Capitol building explosion has brought in their lives. Finally, the show deals with the investigation process, focused on the villains, who bombed the US Capitol and may bring even more damage in the future unless the massive conspiracy is uncovered.  

The support cast of the show is awesome

Not only Kiefer Sutherland will conquer your heart, but the rest of the perfectly selected cast of the well-known actors such as Natascha McElhone (acted in Californication), Maggie Q (in Nikita), and Kal Penn (in House).

Kal Penn plays the role of Seth Wright, a speechwriter under the Richmond administration, who becomes a White House Press Secretary and remains the President’s most reliable advisor. Maggie Q (Hannah Wells) is another bright character in Designated Survivor. She is an FBI agent who investigates the show’s crime. Her perspicacity captures the audience as well as raises the show’s suspense and intrigue.  Amazing Natascha McElhone is another actress, who can’t be left without attention. Her role as Tom’s wife is impeccable. Being the mother of two kids, an attorney at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, she perfectly copes with the title of the Fist Lady of the USA.

The sets and locations are truly realistic

Designated Survivor is the show that took the White House and the Oval Office as its main settings for the majority of actions. Designed by Cabot McMullen, the most permanent sets of the show are recreated similarly to the real locations and make the audience feel in the President’s administration, though, in reality most scenes were filmed in Toronto. Another impressive setting of the Designated Survivor is the high-tech secret war room, which according to the show is situated below the White House and appeals to the audience a lot.

Action and drama have equal parts

The show Designated Survivor, created by David Guggenheim is a perfect combination of superficial action thriller and thought-provoking political drama, which makes the series interesting for a wide variety of viewers. The pilot keeps you on the edge of your seat with its tightly plotted story lines, rapid change of events, personal drama of the main character Tom Kirkman, and ongoing unrevealed conspiracy, which puts under threat the US government and country in general. Designated Survivor offers the audience a perfect formula of dynamic span of events and gripping portrayal of a person’s ability to adapt and find the ways out from sudden drastic changes in one’s life.

Designated survivor is one of the best action dramas available on Netflix. Grab a chance to enjoy watching it!