Reasons (Not) to Watch How to Train Your Dragon 3: the Hidden World

Have you seen the trilogy of the well-known cartoon How to train your dragon? If not, we highly encourage you to watch at least the third part - How to train your dragon 3: the Hidden World released a month ago. Here in this article, we will shortly discuss the pros and cons of the popular children cartoon. Stay with us to find out more about hidden symbols and meanings, which we can meet in this pretty good piece of art.

How to train your dragon 3: the Hidden World is the logical and well-thought sequel of the previous two parts of this cartoon filmed in 2010 and 2014. Some people claim that there is nothing new in the third part because we still have the same dragons, Vikings, fighting, and so on. Although the characters are the same, the problems and issues are different. Mainly, you can find three or four plotlines, which we will overview right now.

So, the context of the third part is pretty simple. Hiccup, his girlfriend Astrid, and dragon Toothless (Night Fury) are happy together to rescue other dragons and bring them to the safe place, Berk. Toothless believes he is the last dragon of his species till the moment he meets another dragon, Light Fury, and falls in love with her. Meanwhile, Grimmel, one of the most famous and well-skilled dragon hunters, tries to get rid of all free dragons and to make this world safe and peaceful for humankind. However, this pretty straightforward plot does not limit the author's desire to highlight and depict some more essential and life-related questions.

Reasons (Not) To Watch How To Train Your Dragon 3: The Hidden World

Essential and Life-Related Questions Depicted in the Movie


All three parts are full of such a wonderful feeling as love. How to Train Your Dragon 3: the Hidden World has a lot of open and hidden signs of love. First of all, it uncovers the idea that love is not always about happiness and pleasure; sometimes it is about sadness and woe. Those who want to have a strong relationship should often go through different sort of challenges. Hiccup's family is an excellent example of such a long life path. Besides, we have a clear message that love cannot be measured with material things or intimate scenes. Although it is a cartoon, it gives us a great example of true love, which is full of support, care, and sensation. It depicts proper ways of physical expressing our love to others - kisses, hugs, talks, etc. Hiccup and Astrid love each other because they support and take care of each other no matter what sort of troubles and issues they face. It is the example of true love, isn’t it?

Furthermore, a couple of romantic scenes between Toothless and Light Fury are the vivid and unconditional proof that there are no exceptions to love and be loved. Even such creatures as dragons can love and be happy. It may look as not a very important thing - but it is just the one that our children should realize clearly.


How to Train Your Dragon 3: the Hidden World also tells the story about a strong bond between Toothless and Hiccup. Their friendship is an illustrative example of friend behavior. What makes this friendship model correct? First of all, Hiccup lets Toothless go, when he falls in love with Light Fury. It means Hiccup wants his dragon to be happy. Besides, although Hiccup and Toothless both find their love, they stay friends for a lifetime.

Furthermore, Hiccup's mother recommends his son and other citizens to start to rely more and more on each other. They had to be a strong team to fight against Grimmel successfully. Therefore, it emphasizes the key role of friendship nowadays. It is much easier to cope with our problems and fears with our friends supporting.


How to Train Your Dragon 3: the Hidden World also depicts Hiccup's struggling with own doubts and fear. Hiccup wants to save all dragons, and he has to decide whether to go to the Hidden World or not being not sure whether it exists. It is so close to real life where we have to decide what we should do, where we have to go, etc. It is about taking responsibility for your activity. Nowadays, we feel the lack of people who can make decisions and take responsibility for his or her actions. Therefore, Hiccup proves that no matter how old you are you can be a leader for your close people.

Moreover, there is also a great example of how to act for those close people. If we have some problems, troubles or doubts, we should help each other. Hiccup's mother claims many times -"I believe in you! I trust you..." It helps Hiccup to find the strength to cope with his fear and make up his mind. Thus, it is a great model we can use to bring up a new responsible and noble generation.


The cartoon describes pagan gods and goddesses. Although it is not a Christian religion, it demonstrates that people always have someone whom they can ask for help when it seems that everything is lost. Hiccup and many Vikings have strong faith that everything will be okay.


How to Train Your Dragon 3: the Hidden World has some elements of hidden violence. Grimmel seems to be a violent and pitiless dragon hunter who wants to kill all of them. He even creates special poison darts and turns a couple of dragons into his servants who have to help to catch other free dragons. However, the whole idea of the third part is to make doubtless that good always triumphs over evil. Therefore, there are no open cruel and aggressive scenes similar to those, which we can watch in thrillers or horrors. Grimmel is just an example of a bad character who is lost. Thus, we can state that How to Train Your Dragon 3: the Hidden World has nothing to do with encouraging violence or bullying.

Alcohol and drugs

Someone may state that we should not take our children to watch a cartoon where you can find some elements of alcohol or drugs. Of course, How to Train Your Dragon 3: the Hidden World, as the previous two parts, pictures a real life of Vikings. It would be wrong to make them holy and innocent. However, there are no open scenes, which encourage you to drink alcohol. That is why we believe there are no reasons to worry about this issue.

Finally, we recommend you to watch How to Train Your Dragon 3: the Hidden World! Enjoy it!