Reasons To Watch Ozark

Marty Byrde, the protagonist of Ozark, does not enjoy the beautiful place he lives in. He does not notice the sunlit hilltops around a gorgeous lake. Self-indulgent boat parties, swimmers, tourists, and cyclers zig-zagging along the mountainous roads do not interest him. Why? Because he has something much more serious to do. He has to launder the bloody money of a Mexican cartel and save the lives of his family members.

First of all, you might want to watch Ozark to see Jason Bateman in a role that is completely different to what he has ever played before. Creating a duo with Laura Linney, he is to show the viewers something unexpected and serious. Do not be pushed away by the first episode. It might seem to be unspectacular to you, but we assure you that the story will become more and more interesting as you move on.

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In case you still do not know if you should watch Ozark, here is what you need to know about the show.

The Plot

Ozark has been compared to Breaking Bad a number of times. And it is rather easy to understand why. First of all, both of these shows are led by the actors whom we know for their roles in comedies. Secondly, in both of them we see an unusual approach to the way drug operations are done. Thirdly, they are about the seemingly typical working men who are actually involved in white-collar crimes in an attempt to support their families. And that is where the comparison of these two shows should end. The main difference between them is the protagonist's intentions to step into the world of drugs. While Walter from Breaking Bad decided to create a meth business because of his cancer diagnosis, Marty from Ozark does this by his own choice. He likes it that he can increase his income by applying his skills of a financial advisor. He does not mind doing this at all. At the moment the show begins, he has been doing this for almost a decade. The good thing about Ozark is the fact that its plot line develops really quickly. Right from the beginning, Marty faces a serious problem. To solve it, he has to move to the Ozarks with his family and clean $500 million within 5 years. Apart from this serious issue, Marty also has problems with his wife, Wendy. Needless to say, in the current situation these problems do not improve. Every decision of his launches a chain reaction and he begins to understand what a butterfly effect is on his own experience.

If you are not impressed by the plot revolving around laundering money for drug dealers, you should keep in mind that in Ozark it is done in quite an impressive way. Your intelligence will be respected and all the details of Marty's plan will be revealed in the process. You will see tense interrogations and shootouts and will certainly be interested in watching the plot evolving in front of you.

The Characters

Could you ever imagine Bateman in this kind of role? Even if you have always seen him as a comedy actor, soon enough this image will be shuttered. Playing the role of Marty, Bateman does a great job. He shows all his emotions in a perfect way, showing the entire spectrum a person might feel in similar situations. He fears for his own life, as well as for his family's wellbeing and has to act quickly. But at the same time, Marty plays a charming and nice guy when he is in public, and does this successfully. Due to Bateman's portrayal of the character, it is hard for the audience to figure out what he is going to do and what kind of person he is. Laura Linney, who plays his wife Wendy, is also excellent. You will like her sarcastic humor and wit. As a married couple, Marty and Wendy are totally dysfunctional. However, they still manage to team up in an attempt to realize their plan.

The Cinematography

First of all, it is important to mention the surprising visual style that you will like very much. Most of the time, its material is dark and its tone is deadly serious. In some scenes, you will see blue hues that reflect from the waters around the resort. They will give you a solemn vibe. And, of course, the greatly captured panoramic shots of the location are a feast for your eyes. Since the episodes were filmed not in the actual Alhonna Resort and Marina, but in the surroundings of Lake Allatoona in Atlanta, because taxes for filming were lower there, another set was built in Georgia to create a replica of the resort. It is rather interesting to see this kind of story in this seemingly idyllic background. If it creates a dissonance for you, wait for the criminal undercurrent to jump up to the surface. It will have a large impact on you, for sure.

Are you ready to schedule the binge-watch of Ozark now? I assure you, if you do this, you will never regret the time you have given to watching the show. What about start on the next weekend?


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