Reasons to Watch The Big Bang Theory

Probably everyone has heard about the series The Big Band Theory. However, not everyone has given it a chance thinking that it’s a boring show about science for nerds. Relating to people who might have thought that, I must say that you’re wrong. The Big Bang Theory is a fun and entertaining series that follows a group of geeks in their struggles with being at least a bit less socially awkward. Here are eight things that will persuade you to watch this hilarious show.

1. Doctor Sheldon Cooper

The character of Sheldon Cooper is what has attracted most of the viewers to The Big Bang Theory in the first place. His inability to register sarcasm and humor cracks up pretty much everyone. Despite that, his own lines are often snarky and show the complexity of his character. Sheldon takes everything seriously so he’s always struck by some common things that are usual for other people. Nevertheless, he’s very particular about certain aspects of his daily life so no one is allowed to sit on the “Sheldon spot” or open the door before he’s knocked on it three times and called their name.

2. Leonard and his experiments

Leonard Hofstadter is another beloved character and Sheldon’s flatmate. Since his early childhood, he’s been an object of experiments conducted by his mother, a psychiatrist, who studied the behavior of kids and how they react in different situations. That’s why Leonard’s childhood is a difficult topic for him, which, however, still hasn’t killed the desire to dedicate his own time to experiments. In his case, they have another nature since Leonard is an expert in the field of applied physics.

3. Howard Wolowitz aka the ladies’ man

This Jewish aerospace engineer is the only member of the group who hasn’t yet obtained his Ph.D. This fact is often the theme of many jokes alongside Howard’s disturbing relationship with his invisible (but very audible) mother. Unlike his friends, he’s particularly interested in winning the attention of the ladies which rarely ends up successfully. At least he’s really good at imitating the voice of Stephen Hawking.

4. Rajesh Koothrappali’s inability to talk to women

Raj is not dreaming about being the ladies’ man as Howard but he’s still interested in the opposite sex. Which may come as a surprise to some people since the majority of the jokes about him revolve around his unclear relationship with Howard. The thing is that Raj can’t utter a word to a woman unless he’s wasted. In these situations, he starts whispering into Howard’s ear, which of course creates a very dubious picture. Because of his Indian origin he often finds American lifestyle confusing, but that only adds to his character.

5. Penny, the odd one out

Funny, pretty, and sociable, Penny is as far from science as one can get. And yet, it’s impossible to imagine The Big Bang Theory without her. Unsuccessful actress, she’s trying to make ends meet by working as a waitress but still doesn’t give up on her dream of becoming famous one day. Her romantic relationship with Leonard is one of the key story lines with all the ups and downs this dynamic couple goes through. She also slowly but surely builds a real friendship with Sheldon – the task that is achievable only for the chosen ones.

6. Learning something in a fun way

Despite the fact that this sitcom is fun and lighthearted, it’s still about science so there’s always a chance you’ll learn something new in each episode. It’s not even limited just to physics, the content of the show is versatile and includes mathematics, biology, history, linguistics, and other spheres. Even those who have never had any warm feelings towards science admit that this show manages to teach you about stuff in a fun and subtle way.

7. Caters to any taste

Again, The Big Bang Theory having science as the background is still capable of attracting a wide audience of all ages and occupations. It’s equally great to watch with your parents as well as friends because of its smooth humor and focus on the mainstream things alongside scientific facts. The characters are diverse and dialogues flow easily so everyone can find there something for themselves.

8. Appeals to comic fans and gamers

It isn’t for everyone, but the main characters of The Big Bang Theory are huge comic nerds so if you’re one yourself you’ll enjoy this show even more. There are numerous references to comic books and movies and they add a special flavor that will be greatly appreciated by those who are interested in this kind of art. In addition, the characters are dedicated gamers so that’s also something appealing to a certain social group.

Finally, there is a lot of work behind making The Big Bang Theory the exact way it is. All scripts are checked in order not to let any technical errors slip in so even professional scientists won’t be able to find any misfires in the show. The impeccably written plot that combines science with witty humor is what has been making The Big Bang Theory a hit for years. If you still haven’t seen it, what are you waiting for?